Review: 2016 / 2017 Indian Motorcycle Springfield

A touring cruiser with effortless handing and a low seat height

By Tricia Szulewski, Assistant Editor

What makes a touring motorcycle great? It’s a bike that’s big enough to offerplenty of power without overtaxing the engine. Its comfortable so you’renot tired or sore after a riding a few hundred high speed miles. It has a big fuel tank soyou can cruise those couple hundred miles without searching for a gas station. And its equipped with bags that securely store lots of stuff, and is capable of adding even more bags without sacrificing stability, because—well—a girl simply can’t have too much stuff.

Oh, yeah, and a great touring motorcycle also handles like a smaller bike—with the goal beinglots of raised eyebrows from impressed onlookers as they watch a small woman expertly U-turn that big mammoth around in small spaces.

I’ve ridden plenty of bikes that have most of thesequalities, but there only a few possessing all these features—plus the ability to handle effortlessly.I recently had the opportunity for a full-day test of one such bagger—the IndianMotorcycle Springfield. Click photos to view larger in a slideshow.

review 2016 2017 indian motorcycle springfield woman riding
My wife, Mary, rode an Indian Scout most of the day but reluctantly agreed to be my “riding shot model” on the Springfield shown here. Intimidated by its size, she was hesitant to try the big bagger, nor do the umpteen turnarounds that riding shots require. But after just one U-turn she was all smiles when realizing this bike handles like a dream! In fact, she didn’t want to trade back to the Scout after the photo session was over.

review 2016 2017 indian motorcycle springfield man riding
Touring-friendly features that include a large comfortable seat, big windshield, bright driving lights, lots of storage, plenty of power, and a relaxed riding position make the Indian Springfield great for riders who enjoy long distances but prefer just a windshield over a full fairing.

review 2016 2017 indian motorcycle springfield red
The Springfield is often compared to the Harley-Davidson Road King, one of women’s top touring bikes, as they share similarities such as a removable windshield, wide handlebars, large saddlebags, large-capacity fuel tank, big floorboards, ABS brakes, and cruise control.

review 2016 2017 indian motorcycle springfield seat height
Mary is 5 feet 6 inches tall and has no problem reaching the ground on the Springfield with lots of bend in her knees. We both agree that the Springfield’s low seat height (26 inches compared to the Road King’s 28.2 inches) and wide bars makes low speed maneuvering and lifting the 862 pounds off the sidestand very easy.

review 2016 2017 indian motorcycle springfield fender ornament
Named after the birthplace of Indian Motorcycle (Springfield, Massachusetts), the Springfield has vintage-styled skirted fenders with the front sporting the iconic American Indian head.

review 2016 2017 indian motorcycle springfield thunder stroke 111
The Thunder Stroke 111 cubic inch (1811cc) powerplant found on all Indian Motorcycle touring bikes has more than enough power for any situation. Torque is spread throughout the powerband so you have the power you need when you roll on the throttle.

review 2016 2017 indian motorcycle springfield 6 speed
The Springfield’s 6-speed transmission is engages without any extra effort or loud clunks. The clutch pull is notably light for a bike with this much power.
review 2016 2017 indian motorcycle springfield retail price
The “Indian Motorcycle Red” Springfield we tested retails for $21,449. Black costs $20,999, while two-tone options cost more.

review 2016 2017 indian motorcycle springfield two tone
The gray/burgundy color scheme shown here, and blue/silver versions retail for $22,099.

review 2016 2017 indian motorcycle springfield chrome
Chrome accents include front and rear fender tips, studded seat, and engine and saddlebag guards. Indian Motorcycle has a large catalog of accessories that include an assortment of leather bags, bar wraps, and footrests that will attach to the chrome guards.

review 2016 2017 indian motorcycle springfield seat
The extremely comfortable two-piece seat is artfully stitched and includes an embossed Indian Motorcycle logo. I noticed while reviewing the Scout Sixty that Indian proudly incorporates its branding all over its motorcycles in a tasteful way.

review 2016 2017 indian motorcycle springfield dash panel
The Springfield’s fuel gauge and instrument displays offer a couple more branding opportunities and incorporates the Indian Motorcycle red-and-tan theme. The motorcycle starts by pressing the button on the upper right of the dash panel.

review 2016 2017 indian motorcycle springfield key fob
The motorcycles security system is activated with a key fob that needs to be nearby for the bike to start. Many cars now turn on this way. No need to put a key in the ignition. The key shown here is used for the saddlebags although this bike is equipped with a remote locking system. You can lock and unlock the saddlebags by either pressing a button on the tank dash panel or buttons on the reverse side of the fob.
review 2016 2017 indian motorcycle springfield speedometer
I like the layout of the analog speedometer but it’s position on the tank is a far look down for my tall torso. I have to completely take my eyes off the road to glance down to see how fast I’m going. In fact, one scary moment happened when I was playing with the LCD display and didn’t see an oncoming car enter my lane. Thankfully, Mary warned me via our Sena 20S communicators!
Despite turning your attention off the road, the LCD readout offers a lot of useful information. While a tiny digital clock and the gear you’re in is always displayed, you can toggle through the following larger readouts: trip 1, trip 2, RPM, outside temperature, current voltage, average mpg, fuel range remaining, front tire pressure, rear tire pressure, and odometer.
review 2016 2017 indian motorcycle springfield handlebar
The view from the riders seat shows a good amount of shiny chrome without messy wires (the switch wiring is run internally through the bars). The handlebar is wide but feels perfectly positioned for me.

review 2016 2017 indian motorcycle springfield riding posture
Mary also noted how comfortable the Springfield’s seating position is. She is demonstrating good riding posture here: her back is straight, arms and shoulders relaxed, and her knees have a comfortable bend.

review 2016 2017 indian motorcycle springfield floorboards
The long floorboards mean that you can choose different positions for your feet. That’s a big plus for a bike that’s meant for long days in the saddle.

review 2016 2017 indian motorcycle springfield passenger floorboard
Even the passenger gets a small floorboard. Whats unique here is that these are three-way height-adjustable. Using tools, you can position them up or down from the stock middle position, so your passenger gets just the right leg position. This is a special detail that sets this tourer apart from its competitors.

review 2016 2017 indian motorcycle springfield left grip
The grips feature that very familiar logo and a comfortable ribbed pattern. Just like the rest of the bike, even the chrome switch housing is stylish.

review 2016 2017 indian motorcycle springfield cruise control
The right side control housing is quite a bit larger and includes another touring bike must-have: cruise control. My only problem with this setup is that the buttons to set and adjust the cruise control are too far for even my long thumbs to reach without taking my hand off the grip. I wish the chunky chrome housing was a lot smaller which would make it an easier reach.

review 2016 2017 indian motorcycle springfield windshield height
Mary and I both noted that the top of the windshield was right in our line of sight. I was able to look just above the windshield by sitting up tall, but she had to squat down slightly and look through it.

review 2016 2017 indian motorcycle springfield shield
If the stock windshield, such as the one shown here, doesn’t fit your height, Indian’s accessory catalog has both a taller and shorter windshield available for the Springfield for $600 each.

review 2016 2017 indian motorcycle springfield quick release
Part of the appeal of the Springfield is that you can easily remove the windshield and saddlebags as they use quick-release hardware. The day of our test was a balmy 60 degrees, but I was still thankful to have the large shield that worked well to keep the cool air off my torso.

review 2016 2017 indian motorcycle springfield saddlebags
I don’t know about you, but give me saddlebags and I will find stuff to fill them! The Springfield was developed with a trunk-compatible chassis which means you can really load it up without sacrificing handling stability.

review 2016 2017 indian motorcycle springfield trunk
Color-matched, quick-release 17-gallon accessory trunks are available for an additional $1,800 ($1,900 for two-tone).

review 2016 2017 indian motorcycle springfield open bags
The lids on the hard-sided lockable saddlebags pivot all the way out so its easy to see to the bottom of the oversized bags.

review 2016 2017 indian motorcycle springfield wide open saddlebag lid
Loading and unloading gear is a lot less cumbersome when the saddlebag lid clears the open bag like this. Dare I say that these may be the best stock saddlebags I’ve ever used? Lockable, watertight, easy to open, easy to load, easy to remove—what else does one want in a saddlebag?

review 2016 2017 indian motorcycle springfield 12 volt accessory socket
How about a 12-volt socket in the right side bag so you can charge your phone while you ride or eat? Works for me!

review 2016 2017 indian motorcycle springfield mary ohare riding
Mary and I were both amazed how light and nimble the big Springfield feels. Whether dancing along curvy mountainous roads or hitting the highway, the Springfield makes riding a big bagger easy.


Specs At A Glance: 2017 Indian Motorcycle Springfield
Engine Size: 111ci (1811cc)
Seat Height: 26 inches
Weight: 862 pounds
Fuel Capacity: 5.5 gallons
Colors: Indian Motorcycle Red, Thunder Black, Steel Gray over BurgundyMetallic, Blue Sapphire over Star Silver
Price: $20,999 (black); $21,449 (red); $22,099 (gray/burgundy; blue/silver)

WRN Recommendation:
The Indian Springfield is an excellent option for American air-cooled V-twin riders who like lots of power and touring comfort without being “too big to handle.” Dont let the long length and weight spec steer you away from giving this great bike a test ride. Furthermore, the Indian Motorcycle brand supports women riders as evidenced by its marketing campaigns and womens gear options, something worth considering when looking to purchase a new motorcycle.

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5 thoughts on Review: 2016 / 2017 Indian Motorcycle Springfield

  1. Great article. I ride 2002 Chief Deluxe. I’m 6 feet tall. I’ve never felt so comfortable on any bike till my Indian and with the power. I never feel the trailer I pull. If I ever have to get another bike I’ll be looking hard at the Springfield.

  2. I have been riding the Indian Chieftain model which is the faring model version of the bike. I purchased my first Chieftain in mid July 2014. By the end of October 2016 and 43,000 miles I can attest to how easy these bikes handle. I am 5 feet 4 inches and did add the low (heated) seat, which is a plus with our Iowa weather.I went from a Victory Cross Country bike with windshield to the Chieftain. I was concerned about having a faring. Took about 5 miles and I decided I loved it. I would also like to mention how reliable the Chieftain has been. Absolutely no issues.

  3. I’ve ridden a Chief Vintage, but not the Springfield. My most recent trip to my local Indian dealer was on a very rainy day, so no test riding. However I did sit on the Springfield and found it easy to lift up. At 5 feet 5 inches, I was also able to flat-foot the bike without stretching. I would need different handlebars since I have T. Rex arms because I had to stretch to turn the stock ones. The only things I wish came stock on the bike are a heel/toe shifter and a sissy-bar with backrest. Both can be added, but that increases the price. I’m very interested in a test ride and will consider this bike for my next ride.

  4. Love my Springfield! As a later-in-life learner who stands 5 feet 3 inches, I find this bike to be nimble, amazingly balanced, and easy to handle. I really wanted the vintage and hadn’t even considered a bagger, but the fit and ride of this bike sold me!

  5. Well done review. I learned a lot through this article. I may have to try one of these beautiful Indians!

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