Protect That Precious Paint

Don't throw away those old t-shirts!

An old rider friend of mine shared a cleaning secret with me years ago. He saves his old cotton T-shirts, cuts them up into rags, and uses them slightly wet to wipe down his motorcycle for a quick clean-up.

Old cotton T-shirts only get softer with age. Reinvent them as cleaning rags.

When dirt and dust pile up on a motorcycles paint job, if not wiped off properly, it can scratch the precious paint job on our motorcycle dust particularly. Most people will take a towel or cloth and use it to wipe away the dust on the tank and fenders. What theyre really doing when theyre taking that towel and wiping the dust is moving it along the paint leaving fine scratches in it along the way. Over time, the scratches are definitely noticeable.

Instead, lightly dampen a soft cotton T-shirt (or cotton diaper) and use that to wipe away the dirt and light grime. It picks up the dirt right away without moving it along the paint job leaving a trail of scratches. It also leaves a nice, clean shine. No need to dry if you dont soak the rag.

Lisa Corsa
Boca Raton, Florida

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