PRODUCT REVIEW: Speed and Strength “To The Nines” Textile Jacket

An perfect fit for this rider

by Rachael Westfall
I’ve always said the best jacket is the one you don’t realize you have on. Women’s motorcycle riding jackets, while theyve come a long way, still fall short in some areas when it comes to fit and function—bulky collars, restrictive fit, awkward cut in the chest or arms, lack of protection, and lack of adjustability. Normally I can find at least one of these problems in each of the many jackets I’ve worn, but not so with Speed and Strength’s To The Nines Textile Jacket.
Rachael felt right at home in Speed and Strength’s To The Nines Textile Jacket. It fit naturally over her petite frame, just the way a regular jacket would.

When it comes to fit, this jacket is my Cinderella’s slipper. Even when I’m sloped over the gas tank of a sportbike, the To The Nines jacket fits securely and comfortably over my chest and arms. It even covers my lower back. The sleeves are the perfect length, as they meet up with the Velcro straps of my gloves at my wrists instead of hanging over my knuckles or coming up short at my forearms.

The length of the sleeves felt perfect to Rachael in her normal riding position, and the armor behind the inner liner was barely noticeable.

The jacket’s AR-600 textile frame staves off wind completely, which kept me warm and comfortable during a cool freeway ride at night. Once the sun comes out and the temperature warms up, I can easily remove the full-sleeved inner liner by unzipping it from the torso area and pulling apart the Velcro at the edge of the sleeves. Also, opening the dual “speed zip” vents in the back and arms of the jacket allows plenty of ventilation during around-town riding. The”speed zip” zippers are constructed of a thick plastic material instead of a grabby metal material, which makes the zippers easier to open and close.

The “600” designation means 600-denier polyester, a midweight textile fabric commonly used in the frame of motorcycle jackets. The jacket is water-resistant, not waterproof (waterproofing this jacket would jack up the price a bit). However, if youve ever ridden in the rain with a water-resistant textile jacket, you know you can get by in a light sprinkle without the water penetrating the fabric. In fact, I got caught in a few sprinkleswhile wearing the jacketon the way to work and didnt get wet. However, water-resistant fabric wouldnt withstand a heavy downpour for an extended period of time—for that type of riding youd need to don a rain jacket.
The inner liner kept Rachael warm during cold rides but was easily removed once temperatures got warmer.

The removable Knox CE-approved shoulder and elbow protectors are tucked invisibly behind the cotton liner, and they don’t rub on my skin like cheaper, plastic armor might. In fact, other than sensing the hardness of the armor in those areas while in a riding position, I barely knew they were there. The To The Nines jacket comes with a removable, dual-density back protector for added protection. The armor remains planted and nearly undetectable while carrying a backpack as well.

The back protector can be easily removed from the jacket when it needs to be washed.
The jacket is equipped with zip-up vents in the back and arms, allowing for plenty of airflow on a warm day.
Velcro adjusters make for easy adjustment with or without gloves on.
Zip-up adjusters at the lower back can bring in the waist a little bit if needed.
Velcro adjusters can tighten the jacket at the waist if necessary.
One of my favorite aspects of this jacket is its adjustability. It has two “lock down” Velcro waist adjusters, along with zippers, to take in the material at the lower back. What’s nice about this is that the jacket can be easily worn over a sweater or cinched up to fit a woman rider who is between sizes. Velcro straps at the wrists on both sleeves can be easily adjusted with gloves on.
Filigree around Speed and Strength’s logo on the sleeve adds some bedazzle that stands out against the black color. Also notice here how the sleeves are just the right length on Rachael.

The jacket is equipped with reflective trim, keeping me visible in the darkness despite the jacket’s apparent shadowy appearance. The angelic wings stitched into the upper back of the jacket are bejeweled with shiny accents, and Speed and Strength’s logo is embroidered with glossy silver filigree on the right sleeve (a smaller logo is embroidered on the left shoulder). For me, this jacket is the perfect balance of fashion and function—not too girly to be embarrassing but feminine enough to stand out as a women’s jacket.

The Speed and Strength wings, embroidered like a tattoo into the back of the jacket, are one of Rachael’s favorite things about this jacket.

Logos across the chest and back add artistic flare to an otherwise plain jacket.
In this rear view, you can see the how the jacket covers the lower back.
Speed and Strength’s To The Nines Textile Jacket is available in black or white in sizes XS-2XL.I ordered a size small, my normal size, and noticed that the fit was a bit loose. Riders who prefer a snugger fit may want to order a size down.You can pick one up for $149.95—not a bad deal for this functionally awesome riding jacket. For more information and to find a dealer, visit

8 thoughts on PRODUCT REVIEW: Speed and Strength “To The Nines” Textile Jacket

  1. I just purchased the white/grey version of the SS To the Nines 2.0 Jacket. I already have a black with white Dririder jacke,t which is fine for winter in sub-tropical SE Queensland, but horrific to use in the summer months. Just too hot, even with vents open and the liner out.The To The Nines 2.0 Jacket in white is a standout on the road. I feel quite visible when riding, and I also feel much cooler than with a black jacket on.Everyone who sees this jacket says it is really quite stylish with the “bling” and angel wings on the back. Plus there’s the added joy of knowing that I have something a little different – it’s quite a chore to find something that fits so well and is a notch above the rest in looks. Cleans well in cold water. Remove liner and pads before washing.

  2. Speed and Strength seems to make good products for women. I picked up one of their True Romance mesh jackets a few months ago because I wanted something to wear in the hot, muggy Virginia summer. It has armor in the back, shoulders, and elbows and all the other things mentioned in the review except the vents, of course. The only “bling” is the embossed logo on the right sleeve, which is relatively subdued. The jacket comes in several colors (mine is red) combined with black and white and is pretty visible. It fits perfectly and is quite cool once I’m moving. Like the article says, I forget I have it on. It also has a rainproof liner, but I haven’t used it. I’m an older (64) beginner, and it’s great to find a jacket that isn’t size 4 and that actually fits and functions, as well as protects.

  3. Great article and photos explaining details of jacket.

  4. Good review. Sounds like a very versatile jacket. Would love to try one on and check it out. It is very pleasing in appearance. Overall very good article.

  5. I loved all the photos that accompanied the article, which was very well done.Wish you would do a product review of the new Joe Rocket Alter Ego 3.0 jacket that you featured in the newsletter a few weeks ago. I’m looking for a mesh jacket with a waterproof outer layer (like the Alter Ego) instead of a waterproof liner, which is either not with me when I need it or there isn’t enough time to zip it in. (Sometimes I carry a Frogg Togg jacket to put over the mesh one.) With hot weather approaching, it may be a good time to do one.

  6. The jacket sounded awesome until the embroidered wings on the back. Why does every manufacturer feel that they must put flowers, wings, fancy embroidery, or “being” just because it’s for women? I want something that fits and protects. I’m not looking for “frilly.” People can tell by my frame that I’m a girl, so I don’t need/want embroidery or sequins on my gear.

  7. Looks like a pretty good jacket. Now if it only came in a light color! Maybe white with black design, or hi-vis with red.

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