Product Review: Schuberth C4 PRO Women Helmet

Premium lightweight and quiet flip-up helmet designed for the woman rider

By Sarah Schilke, WRN Co-Chairwoman

As a longtime fan of and former product expert at Schuberth motorcycle helmets, I am excited to test the third iteration of the company’s designed-for-women flip-up helmet line. Women Riders Now (WRN) originally reviewed the C3W and C3 PRO Women versions, and now we are excited about the next generation—C4 PRO Women helmet. After many hours riding in the C4 PRO Women, I am reassured that the trusted safety, ventilation, and aerodynamic features remain and the updated comfort, construction and visibility features enhance the ride.

The C4 PRO Women is Schuberth’s third iteration of its specially-designed motorcycle helmet made to fit the woman rider.

The first response I get when I talk about Schuberth’s designed-for-women helmets is usually an eye-roll followed by, “How is it really designed for women?” The assumption is often that Schuberth is guilty of what some aftermarket product companies do—the “shrink it and pink it” strategy. (Offering a man’s or unisex product in XS and pink and marketing it as a women’s product.) Sure, the lovely “ruby red” color of the lining might lead one to believe that. However, Schuberth engineers’ research findings indicate that women often have a smaller headform with different facial structure than their male counterparts. This generally includes a narrower jaw and more prominent cheekbones.

Don’t let the beautiful ruby-red lining fool you, the C4 PRO Woman helmet isn’t just a “shrink it and pink it” marketing ploy. The soft lining is easy to remove and wash, which is recommended to help it break in and mold to your facial structure more quickly.

While the shell and polystyrene protective lining are the same as in the standard C4 PRO, the visible comfort lining is specially contoured to accommodate women’s facial structure. Additionally, the Jazzlight Coolmax lining in the C4 PRO Women is specially selected to protect sensitive skin and disguise residue from cosmetics, and it is easy to wash. Naturally not all women have a narrow jaw or skull/face, but it is the only helmet out there designed to accommodate a ‘narrower than a standard man’s’ face. As with any gear, it’s a matter of fit and personal preference, but it’s good to know this is a well thought out design and not a marketing strategy.

Available in sizes XS – L, the C4 PRO Women is offered in matte black or glossy white for $729 or the four Magnitudo graphic colors shown here for $829.
I have the White Magnitudo in a size small which measures 56 cm. I typically wear a size small in every helmet regardless of brand, so this one fits me just right, and is extra snug in the jaw compared to unisex helmets I wear. I also find the fit in the forehead is relaxed and more comfortable right out of the box compared to earlier Schuberth flip-up helmet models.

Ok, so of course a snug, comfortable fit is important, but how is the protection? As some would say, just like the pricetag, it is top of the line. Schuberth employs a proprietary outer shell manufacturing method called Direct Fiber Processing (DFP) involving an endless spool of glass fiber being cut into pieces by a robot and blown into a mold of the particular shell size. A precise measurement resin is added to the preform and then compressed at high pressure in a heated mold to create an exceptionally high-strength helmet shell. Because of the precision placement of fibers in the DFP process, there isn’t any extra material where it isn’t needed for maximum impact absorption, which enables the shell to be exceptionally light.

The C4 PRO Women comes with a Pinlock visor pre-installed. Similar to a dual-pane storm window, the Pinlock visor creates a sealed double layer which eliminates the build up of fog.

Not all flip-up or modular helmets are alike. Some don’t contain protective properties or secure attachment of the chinbar. Schuberth’s C3 and C4 helmets include the polystyrene protection and a dual metal-clamping locking mechanism in the chinbar and are tested and certified (DOT) as full face helmets. Schuberth’s injection-molded face shield gets an optical clarity 1 rating, meaning it’s distortion-free.

Not only the C4 PRO Women helmet shell, but also the extra lining encircling the neck keeps wind and noise out of the bottom of the helmet. At 3 pounds, 14 ounces, this helmet is on par with other premium flip-up helmets, but I find the helmet feels lighter and my neck less fatigued due to the compact, streamlined size and industry-leading aerodynamics.

Additionally, the face shield contains several aerodynamic elements further adding to the smooth flow of the helmet through the air during a ride. All of this contributes to a reduction in noise giving the C4 PRO Women a low noise rating of 85 dB(A) at 65 mph on a naked motorcycle.

As with its other motorsports helmets, the C4 PRO Women is carefully crafted in Schuberth’s wind tunnel to be aerodynamically optimized for high speed stability without buffeting.
Schuberth is known for its proprietary wind tunnel which dates back to almost the beginning of their helmet technology development.

Multi-channel ventilation system allows air to flow around the head with a rear exhaust vent disguised as just part of the lining. Schuberth doesn’t disrupt the aerodynamically quiet nature of the C4 Pro by installing a rear vent. Instead, the protective lining features a series of channels that direct air from the two holes in the top vent around the head through the channels to an exhaust port at the rear base of the helmet.

Riders will note the distinct on-off feel of airflow when opening or closing the top vent.
A removable chin curtain keeps air out when installed, or let’s more air in when removed.
Tinted face shields are available separately, but the C4 PRO Women comes with a drop-down sun visor which is easily activated with the left hand as I demonstrate here. Schuberth internal sun visors get great reviews because of their clarity and the fact that they drop very low—well out of the users sight line. They are also easily removable for cleaning.
The C4 PRO Women features Schuberth’s Anti-Roll Off Safety straps which secure the helmet into place significantly reducing forward rotation of the helmet in the event of an impact which can cause injury to the nose or chin. The straps add an extra challenge to removing the lining, but zippers in the lining make it easier.

For an additional $229, Schuberth offers an easy-to-install, SENA-based Bluetooth communication system for the C3 PRO Women, the SC1. The helmet features integrated speakers, antenna, and microphone, so just snap the plug-n-play SC1 into a port at the base of the helmet, the battery into another port, and you’re ready for hours of playtime. The communications system can connect to cell phones and media devices, and it has an integrated radio as well.

This is the Schuberth SC1 Standard Bluetooth kit consisting of the communications unit, the battery, and a charging cable. The SENA-based system doesn’t include speakers or a microphone because those elements are already pre-installed into the helmet. The system features a customized configuration menu and HD Voice for clear sound and optimized volume level.
Installation is literally a snap since the communications unit and the battery just click right into their corresponding ports at the base of the helmet. There is a small micro USB jack to charge the unit and you’re good for up to 9 hours of talk time.

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