Product Review: Klock Werks NAVBag for the FLARE Windshield

Lots of room for accessories, phone, and GPS devices!

By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
Touring motorcycles lead the way in motorcycle sales, so the aftermarket is flooded with parts and accessories to customize a touring motorcycle. One of the more popular items is the Klock Werks FLARE windshield, designed for Harley-Davidsons and some metric motorcycles. Now Klock Werks has released the NAVBag,an accessory bagdesigned to fit the FLARE.
Klock Werks NAVBag Review Installed
The NAVBag is designed specifically for use with the Klock Werks FLARE windshield. FLARE windshields have a “pinch” in them that helps redirect wind away from the rider while creating more stability. Because of this unique design, a bag made specific for it is necessary.

A lot of touring riders like to install a windshield bag (a pouch located near the base of the windshield) for storing small items like sunglasses, lip balm, and garage-door openers. There are many windshield bags available for stock windshields, and with the huge popularity of its patented windshield design, Klock Werks decided it only made sense to create one specifically for the FLARE. I have a FLARE windshield on my Harley-Davidson Street Glide and recently installed the new NAVBag.

Klock Werks NAVBag Review Installation
Klock Werks NAVBag Review Water Resistant
To install the NAVBag, loosen the two outer screws on the fairing holding the windshield in place, then remove the center one. The NAVBag slips in between the windshield and the fairing. There’s a hole in the base of the NAVBag (seen at right) to accommodate the screw youve removed.
Klock Werks NAVBag Review Felt Back
The NAVBag has a soft felt back that lays flat against the inside of the windshield, so it stays in place securely and won’t scratch the surface of the shield.

TheNAVBagbag is held closed by a tough magnetic strip that runs around the entire opening. You can open the bag by pulling a small tab near that opening. I was impressed by how powerful the magnetic strip is—you really have to pull for the bag to open, so there’s no chance of it flying open when riding.

Klock Werks NAVBag Review Inside
The NAVBag opens via a tab located at the top. The bag provides a generous amount of room, and I could easily fit in two pairs of riding glasses and my tire gauges (seen here). I could also fit my garage-door opener, a pen, a pair of shorty gloves, and my business cards and WRN postcards.
Klock Werks NAVBag Review Inside View
Here’s another view of the opening, this time empty. There is also a mesh pocket at the top to secure smaller items, such as keys.

The NAVBag is made of a sturdy, water-resistant textile material with a vinyl front. It’s hard-sided, so it retains its rectangular shape no matter its contents. The reason it’s called the NAVBag is because it’s made to accept a navigation system (GPS) in the clear front pocket. I don’t have a GPS, and quite frankly, I tend to steer people away from using them on their motorcycles, as I believe it’s just another way to get distracted on the road. But if you do use a GPS, you can slip the device in the front pocket of the NAVBag and operate the touch screen through the plastic, as its capable of transmitting the electrostatic energy necessary to operate most touch-screen devices.

Klock Werks NAVBag Review Foam Inserts
The NAVBag comes with several foam pieces that can be trimmed to custom fit your device into the clear front pocket. One of the sizes here is trimmed to fit an iPhone and a Garmin Zumo 660.

Using one of the supplied foam pieces, I was able to fit my Motorola Droid 4into the pocket securely. I was unable, however, to operate the Droid’s touch screen through the NAVBag’s plastic. Instructions for the NAVBag say it operates with “most touch-screen devices,” meaning not all of them. Guess my Droid is one that is not accommodated. Those with iPhones will probably have better luck, but you might give Klock Werks a call before you order just to confirm the NAVBags compatibility with the phones electrostatic screen.

For me, the most important part of the NAVBag is its storage capacity and convenience—I don’t really care about using its touch-screen capability, although Ive been told that people who dont either use the clear plastic area to put a favorite photo in there, say of their family members, or pet. Cool idea. Im going to do that.

The only issue I had with the bag initially is that it blocked part of my view of the speedometer. When I mentioned this to the folks at Klock Werks they told me there is an “adjustment block” included with those foam pieces. Its the thin piece and it fits on the inner fairing under the bags bottom. You place it there so the bag adjusts upwards so you can view the front if youre using a device or to simply to tilt the bag up so you can see the gauges. Silly me didnt read that far down in the installation instructions where it explains that. So, Im telling you so you dont run into the same issue I did.

Klock Werks NAVBAg Review Line of Sight
The NAVBag allows a clear line of sight to the gauges when the adjustment block is in place.

I love my NAVBag and am thankful that Klock Werks designed such a useful and innovative product. Retail price is $119.95, plus shipping. For more information and to order, visit

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