Prevent Leg Burns with the Hooligan Wrap

Rider reviews of this simple and effective product

Origin of the Hooligan Wrap

220 degrees. That is the normal operating temperature of a motorcycle engine. The heat can be unbearable and dangerous when it is too close to the rider’s leg or foot. When Paula A. Dana had this problem on her 2017 Ducati Monster 1200s in 2019, there were no aftermarket heat shields or products available for her bike to solve this issue. So the entrepreneur decided to invent a new kind of wearable product to prevent pipe burns—the Hooligan Wrap. After some time and many modifications she finally found the right heat-resistant material and fastener that feels comfortable, stays in place, and is affordably manufactured in the U.S.

Original Hooligan Wrap
The original version of the Hooligan Wrap worked to keep heat off the rider’s leg, but the design didn’t always keep the Wrap in place.

Today's Hooligan Wrap

Heat-resistant up to 550 degrees F, the guts of the Hooligan Wrap are made from rubber neoprene, a water-resistant material which is the same rubber used for making scuba suits. Made with ECO-friendly features, the heat shield and stainless steel oval parts of the Hooligan Wrap can be reused with a new wraparound. Over time, depending on use and the amount of stretch and pulling the wearer uses, the raw rubber sharkskin will start to wear out. Luckily, new wraps only cost about $20 and will bring the Hooligan Wrap back to life.

hooligan wrap
The current version of the Hooligan Wrap costs $140 and is offered in two size options, L-XL and the Skinny Winnie (S-M). One side is entirely “Loop” while the other is “Hook,” and it fits much like a blood pressure cuff. The result of the new design is much better and complete contact.

Rider Testimony: Katie Killer, Meridan, Connecticut

I have been riding motorcycles for 17 years. I started on a Kawasaki Ninja 500, then found my dream bike when I purchased a 2017 Victory Octane. There are so many wonderful things about this bike, but the heat from the engine and exhaust can sometimes be unbearable on my right thigh.

The Hooligan Wrap works protecting your leg from the burning heat of your motorcycle exhaust pipes. It is amazingly comfortable and highly adjustable. It’s fabric grips to your pants and stays in place even when you stand up. 

The Hooligan Wrap is a fully adjustable band that can be worn on your inner thigh, calf, or ankle. It fits securely to your leg with a large hook and loop closure and a metal loop (like a medical sports brace.) The Wrap has a heat-resistant shield that is repositionable, durable, and amazingly comfortable.

Hooligan Wrap Katie Killer
The lightweight, adjustable, comfortable piece of material easily wraps around my thigh over my jeans. This is the first version of the Hooligan Wrap, which worked well but would fall every time I stood up.
Hooligan Wrap Katie Killer new version
The new and improved Hooligan Wrap is made with more rubber sharknose neoprene that grips to your pants so that it stays in place when you stand up. I am wearing the Skinny Winnie version, which fits my legs much better.

I am highly impressed with this product and encourage anyone who suffers from exhaust or engine heat problems to try it out.

Rider Testimony: Alexis Kent, Ann Arbor, Michigan

I have owned a variety of bikes in the last 30 years. One of my current favorites is the Harley-Davidson Springer Softail outfitted with aftermarket fishtail exhaust. But even my tall boots and jeans don’t provide enough protection from the extreme heat that radiates from these pipes.

The Hooligan Wrap solves the issue. Having the ability to position the heat shield anywhere on my leg is an absolute game changer for both short and long-distance rides. It wraps on quickly, is fully adjustable, and stows easily.

Hooligan Wrap Harley Springer
The Hooligan Wrap is a wonderful addition to motorcycle safety gear for riders and passengers. I very much like that it is crafted in the U.S. by a skilled woman entrepreneur.

I try to use products that are thoughtful to our planet and my wallet. Paula’s design uses replaceable pieces. You simply repurchase a new stretchy elastic leg band when it wears out. Not having to re-purchase an entirely new Hooligan Wrap each time is a money saver and saves on waste.

Ordering Info

The Hooligan Wrap is currently being shipped anywhere in the U.S. as well as Australia, Great Britain, Canada, and Japan.

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