New Web Video Series Focuses on Women Motorcyclists

“Urban Curves” follows a group of women riders in Atlanta

A new documentary-style web series is now live on YouTube featuring women motorcyclists. “Urban Curves” follows a group of female riders in Atlanta who are bound together by their love of riding on two wheels.
The women stars of “Urban Curves.”

This new Internet series, shot and produced by the women riders themselves, features ladies from a variety of backgrounds, although they are all part of the same motorcycle club. There’s Isis, a single mom and former racer. Stacey is a motorcycle builder and mechanic who owns her own custom shop. Minx is that woman rider who doesn’t mind acting like “one of the boys,” while Taaj is focused on creating a clothing line for her fellow female bikers. Finally, Chloe is a hesistant new rider who we’ll get to watch as she takes lessons and ventures into the world of motorcycling.

With stars that include a complete beginner, a motorcycle racer, and a bike mechanic, “Urban Curves” will feature a variety of aspects of life as a woman motorcyclist.

Watch the teaser trailer below, and then check in regularly with the Urban Curves YouTube channel (a new video was just posted thats hilarious!) or the shows Facebook page for updates. And for women whod like to get in on this kind of sisterhood in their own communities, check out ourNational and Regional Riding Clubs page, chock full of women-only riding organizations around the United States.

9 thoughts on New Web Video Series Focuses on Women Motorcyclists

  1. As opposed to other viewers’ opinions, I could hear the ladies just fine! I am a new rider myself, having just gotten my motorcycle endorsement and first bike at the tender age of 43, a year ago, I will be watching this series and am glad this group of ladies is taking the time to make it! Thank You

  2. I also found the music too loud and it drowned out much of what the women had to say. I could barely get through the trailer with all that background noise. Otherwise, the concept looks interesting – real women, real life.

  3. When and where will it be on? Can’t watch it if we don’t know that info.

    1. As the story says, it is a YouTube video series so it can be viewed on Urban Curves YouTube channel. Link is at the end of the story.

  4. I think this is a great idea! I’m constantly on the lookout for good videos on women motorcycle clubs but don’t find much. I like that they are every day ladies (like me) who love motorcycles. I’ll be watching for more.

  5. Sorry, lost me at the loud, grating music. I couldn’t hear more than two or three words. Hopefully their real videos will be more watchable.

  6. I don’t usually watch reality television, but I may have to make an exception!

    1. Just to be sure we are clear on what this show is, it is a web-based series created by a group of women riders in Atlanta. It is not on television and it is not an officially produced reality show. They are simply uploading videos to their YouTube channel. Sorry for the confusion.

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