New Seat Reduces Reach for Shorter Riders

Harley-Davidson Super Reduced Reach Touring Seat

A rider shopping for the perfect-fitting motorcycle will take into account many factors, but for most women riders, seat height is one of the biggest considerations. While finding the right seat height can be difficult for any rider, those with shorter inseams have a harder time than most. To help out the vertically challenged, Harley-Davidson is releasing the new Super Reduced Reach Seat (not to be confused with the Reach Seat), a saddle designed to decrease reach to the ground and controls.
The Harley-Davidson Super Reduced Reach Seat, made for 2009 and later touring and trike models, moves a rider even closer to the controls than the Harley-Davidson Reduced Reach Seat. Its narrower nose area also allows the legs to be about an inch closer together so that feet can rest firmly on the pavement.
The Super Reduced Reach Seat is designed to increase comfort and confidence by positioning the rider closer to the hand and foot controls.

The scooped, bucket-shaped saddle is enhanced with back support padding to move the rider 2.5 inches farther forward and 1.5-2 inches lower, depending on the model. The seat can also be equipped with an optional rider backrest for added support and comfort.

The Super Reduced Reach Seat retails for $299.95 and can be purchased from your local Harley-Davidson dealership. To locate a dealer, visit

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4 thoughts on New Seat Reduces Reach for Shorter Riders

  1. I’m looking for a seat that puts me closer to the ground. I have a 06 Spring Softail. My seat comes with barbed wire design that matches my tins. But I would also like to keep my body where its at. Even though I’m 5-feet-8 I still like my leg room. Any suggestions for me?

    1. You have a very specific model that is no longer being made so you’ll have to search all the manufacturers to see if they have a seat that not only fits your Springer but also gets you lower to the ground. We’re big fans of Mustang Seats as they have supported Women Riders Now for years. So be sure to check out And then of course check with Harley-Davidson. Good luck!

  2. Thank you for this article. I went and bought the seat yesterday for my Road King and what a difference! In addition I switched out the handlebars to Heritage bars which gave me 2 inches of height. Can’t wait to take that long ride and see how much more comfortable it is. I also added the heat deflectors I read about in another article. I have long legs (36 inch inseam); but my arms were stretched out lower than my shoulders which made for a very uncomfortable ride. Now my arms are parallel to the ground which pushes my back straight up. With the new seat my legs can rest comfortably on my highway pegs without feeling like the wind was going to blow them off. Keep up the good articles. I’ve ridden this Road King for 1 1/2 years and was never happy with it. These changes made all the difference. How about an article on chrome bolts verses chrome toppers…my next splurge!

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