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These days it seems there are as many different cell phones and music devices as there are fish in the sea. And finding just the right mounting unit that fits both your phone and your motorcycle can be a challenge. The X-Grip Adapter Mount from Leader Motorcycle Accessories simplifies the search with a one-size fits most!

Universal Cell Phone Mount for Motorcycles
The X-Grip can be used on a variety of motorcycles and in a variety of locations, like on this Honda Gold Wings handlebar.

The X-Grip is specially designed to fit nearly any type of cell phone both with and without a case or holster. Flexibility comes from X-Grips four-leg design with rubber-coated tips that provides sturdy holding power without covering the phone or device. The spring loaded holder expands and contracts, allowing for the perfect fit, while the new Ultra-Swivel provides nearly unlimited tilt / angle ability—enabling the phone or device to be mounted vertically or horizontally. In order to ensure stability, the X-Grip also features UltraSecurity to ensure the phone will never “pop out,” and riders can add on the Vibe Out feature to minimize vibration in order to clearly see / read the devices display.

Universal Cell Phone Mount for Motorcycles X-Grip
The X-Grips rubber tips hold the cell phone firmly in place.

Universal Cell Phone Mount for Motorcycles X-Grip Leader Motorcycle
Here, the X-Grip sits snugly on a Harley-Davidson handlebar.

The classy looking X-Grip Adapter Mount is made in the USA. Depending on where you want to mount the X-Grip will determine which unit you purchase: on the handlebar, on the windshield, as well as which type of motorcycle you plan to use it with. Available in both chrome and black options, the X-Grip retails between $114 and $139 depending on motorcycle type. A full descriptions and list of features can be found at LeaderMotorcycles.com.

$10 off any purchase of $100 or more. Enter code WRN at checkout. Expires November 30, 2014.

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2 thoughts on New Product: Universal Cell Phone Mount for Motorcycles

  1. In my humble opinion… riders should not add to the uncertainty of the road and other drivers by mounting their phones where they can see and or use them (for any reason).I don’t need GPS. I have maps and maps work when there is no cell service.I have a iPod nano that I use for music. I plug it in, put it away and let it shuffle through my music, and I have the radio/cd deck….. and on a side note: I totally disagree with Harley’s new stereos being able to “Text to Speech,” “Hands-free Mobile Phone-via Bluetooth” and “Voice Recognition Languages: Phone.” I feel those are an accident, or worse, waiting to happen. Someone will get a call or a text a the wrong moment… Look down and that will be that.Besides, isn’t the whole idea of riding to break away and enjoy the ride, the scenery, the smells. I would hate for a phone to ring or let me know I have a text and interrupt my “groove.” I can check during a stop or when I am home.

  2. If you have a shiny case on your phone, this will not hold your phone secure. My husband bought this and almost lost his phone the first ride he used it. It might work OK with an Otter Box case since it has a rubbery finish, but keep a close eye on it.

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