New Colors for 2008 Ducatis

Hypermotard and Monster S4RS receive updated paint

Ducati North America is adding two new color selections for the 2008 model range unveiled this past weekend at the Paris Motor Show: the Hypermotard S in Black, and the Monster S4RS Tricolore.

Monster S4RS in the Ducati Tricolore theme.

The Hypermotard S has been a hit with US customers for several months now, and the striking new black color is a welcome addition to the model family. The Hypermotard 1100 S attacks urban canyons and mountain curves with total abandon. The Black Hypermotard S will carry the same MSRP as the Red Hypermotard S, $14,495.

The Hypermotard S in black.

As the flagship of the Monster family, the Monster S4RS will continue the Ducati Tricolore theme, with an evocative Red, White, and Green paint scheme designed by Aldo Drudi. The Tricolore paint will be accented with a gold frame and wheels. MSRP for the Monster S4RS Tricolore will be $14,995. Both the Black Hypermotard S and Monster S4RS Tricolore will be available at authorized Ducati dealers in December.

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