MSF Introduces New Safety Web Site

Internet forum for improving rider safety

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation launched a new Web site to specifically focus on improving rider safety, and to help stem the rise in motorcyclist crashes on our nations roadways.

The Web site was made possible by a combined effort of the MSF and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The site features an Event Calendar to keep users informed of motorcycling safety events and developments nationwide, and at its heart, a Discussion Forum organized by topical area as outlined in the National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety (NAMS).

Through the Discussion Forum, provides a place where the safety community can visit to share success, seek answers, or offer advice related to their efforts to improve motorcyclist safety by implementing the recommendations provided in NAMS. To maintain an effective and unbiased environment, volunteers from the ranks of Forum participants moderate the Forum.

Released in November 2000 as a joint, two-year effort of NHTSA and the MSF, NAMS is a comprehensive blueprint and strategic vision for the future of motorcyclist safety. Intended to provide direction to the safety community for a decade or more, the plan addresses safety countermeasures on a variety of fronts. NAMS outlines 82 specific recommended actions to improve motorcyclist safety, categorized in five major areas: research and information, and human, social, vehicle and environmental factors.

“With the gathering of the worldwide safety community at our International Motorcycle Safety Conference in Long Beach this year, it was clear that the entire community needed a way to exchange ideas, as well as share current projects, programs and new information real-time,” said Tim Buche, MSF president. “The NAMS Web site serves to support this need, providing a worldwide, 24/7 resource to assist collaboration among peers. The goal is to help re-energize and re-focus the safety community on continuing to bring NAMS recommendations to life.”

Motorcycle safety instructors are among the group of people who will benefit from the new MSF safety Web site. is intended to serve as “Main Street” for all who have the desire and/or means to make a difference in motorcyclist safety. To assist, the MSF has established a NAMS Grant Program available for those who wish to implement innovative projects based upon the recommendations provided in NAMS. This small-award grant program targets a broad range of grassroots efforts to improve motorcyclist safety. The Foundations grants, up to $10,000 each, may be used to jumpstart new programs or to support ongoing efforts that complement NAMS recommendations.

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