Motorcycle of the Future

Victory Unveils Vision 800 Concept Bike

Victory Motorcycles revealed their Vision 800 concept motorcycle at the International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach, California December 12. A fully automatic motorcycle that pushes beyond the current reality of American style and design, it provides a glimpse into one possible future segment of American motorcycles.

Driven by zealot-like passion to deliver on Victorys positioning as “The New American Motorcycle,” the Polaris / Victory Industrial Design Team never pauses in its exploration of both form and function. “We constantly study global design trends, as well as todays motorcycle consumers to better understand, and deliver on, their expectations of the future,” says Greg Brew, Director of Polaris Industrial Design. “Polaris has assembled a best-of-the-best team from around the world, and our mandate for Victory is to drive the future of custom-inspired American motorcycle design.” He added, “The Vision 800 is but one example of the type of exploration our team pursues in order to continue to deliver the type of innovative design that fuels peoples passion for motorcycles.”

The Victory Vision 800 concept bike features Automatic Constant Variable Transmission (CVT) without foot controls or clutch which lowers the learning curve of riding a full-size motorcycle; maintenance-free exposed shaft final drive with cast aluminum single sided swingarm; easily accessible tank storage large enough to accommodate two full face helmets; a comfortable cruiser riding position with a 28.5-inch seat height.

Vision 800 is powered by a 800cc 4-stroke liquid-cooled parallel twin engine with a dual under-seat side exit exhaust. The chassis features a cast aluminum alloy frame, full adjustable single rear gas shcok, 43mm inverted telescopic front forks, and a bladder fuel tank behind front wheel. Visit for more information.

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