Make Tighter U-Turns and Other Slow Maneuvers

New DVD shows you how

Do you get nervous when you need to make a U-turn? Are you worried about dropping your motorcycle? If so, a great resource to learn how to make tight turns and slow maneuvers is “Ride Like a Pro V.” The instructional DVD, created by Jerry “Motorman” Palladino, a motor officer and motor officer instructor, demonstrates three techniques motor officers use to outride 98 percent of the riding public.

The DVD cover

Ride Like a Pro V is the latest DVD release in Jerrys popular series of instructional videos. The DVD includes new exercises and demonstrations showing common rider mistakes. Diagrams painted on the riding course and overhead camera angles make the techniques easier to understand and worth reviewing even if you have an earlier version of the DVD.

The Ride Like A Pro team in action.

In addition to seeing Jerry demonstrating the skills, you’ll also see his Ride Like a Pro team which includes two women riders, Marianne and Donna, on 800-pound motorcycles handling them with ease. Whatever your skill level, Jerry has a DVD that will help you improve your confidence and skills.

Ride Like A Pro women riders Marianne and Donna.

Ride Like a Pro V is available for $34.95 at or call this toll free number 866.868.7433.

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5 thoughts on Make Tighter U-Turns and Other Slow Maneuvers

  1. I purchased this video after hearing about it on a forum I joined. I was a little skeptical at first but it is amazing. If you listen to Jerry and look where you want to go, you will. Also he gives you some pointers on the friction zone and the back brake that are great tips. I took the local MSF course and did not know about the back brake manuever. Very happy I bought the video for both me and my husband.

  2. I have both the Ride Like A Pro 4 and 5 and I have to say these are the BEST instructional videos on motorcycling that I have had the pleasure to view. However, comparing the two, my favorite is the Ride Like a Pro 4 DVD. Why? I wasn't real keen on the inserted video of students taking a class and Jerry and his cameraman commenting on their performance. I felt that the format of the Ride Like A Pro 4 was much better. So, if I had to choose between the two I would much rather watch the Pro 4.

    This is my second season of riding and I have gotten a lot of comments from the women in my motorcycling group on how much my riding skills have improved since last year. I went from riding around my neighborhood over and over again to riding on a 600 mile camping trip with bike fully loaded (I have a Yamaha V-Star 650) to actually leading my first group ride. Thanks to Jerry and the Ride Like A Pro DVD's and, as Jerry says, lots of PRACTICE, I have really expanded my motorcycling horizons. My ultimate goal is to become a Rider Coach with the MSF in the future and teach others to ride.

    FYI, I actually watch the Ride Like A Pro DVD's while I work out! : ) Thanks for your great reviews and keep up the good work! What a great resource Women Riders Now is for the female motorcyclist. I'll be back!

  3. Great article. I purchased the DVD and I can vouche for it! It gives some awesome tips and advice. I sometimes had problems with tight turns and problems with u-turns and the DVD was a huge help!

  4. Thanks so much for this article. I've been wondering if there are any good videos for riding. You've filled the ticket (again)!

  5. I love this DVD. It really helped me this spring as I was learning to ride a motorcycle (at age 57). The fact that Donna Palladino and Maryanne can handle these huge bikes gave me more courage than I'd have believed. I'll continue to re-watch often.

    My husband and son, who have both been riding for years, also found the DVD extremely useful. It prompted them to go and buy cones for parking lot practice. Whether you're a skilled rider or beginner, this is a DVD worth watching again and again.

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