Leslie Porterfield Seeks to Set New Automobile Land Speed Record

Record-setting motorcyclist joins North American Eagle Racing

Land speed record holder Leslie Porterfield will pilot a car thats been designed to break the automobile world land speed record at this years Land Speed Trials at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah in August.North American Eagle Racing, owner of the “Eagle,” is optimistic Leslie will bring her talent for speed on two wheels to its 56-foot-long vehicle, which they hope will achieve a land speed record of 800 mph. The current record of 763 mph was set on October 15, 2007.
The North American Eagle will attempt to meet a land speed goal of 800 mph—thats faster than the speed of sound!

Achieving this goal would be a huge accomplishment among many for Porterfield—she’s a multiple land speed record holder in the motorcycle category who also holds the title of “Fastest Woman in the World on a Motorcycle” in the Guinness Book of World Records. Porterfield will pilot the North American Eagle while continuing to compete in motorcycle land speed racing.

Porterfield set the Salt Flats of Bonneville on fire in 2008 by recording an overall land speed record of 232.5 mph in the 2000cc modified class, the fastest record of any woman on two wheels.

“I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of such a dynamic team. I am honored to be part of their mission to go after the absolute unlimited land speed record. This is an opportunity of a lifetime!” Porterfield said.

North American Eagletest driver and owner Ed Shadle and his teammates have “welcomed the new driver that has fashion-model looks and nerves of titanium to their stable,” where she stands to become the world’s fastest female race-car driver. Look for Leslie in Bonneville during Speed Week August 27 to September 1, 2011.
With a myriad of racing records and a Guinness World Record under her belt, Porterfield is a role model and inspiration to thousands of women riders.

For more information, visit Landspeed.com or LesliePorterfield.com.

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2 thoughts on Leslie Porterfield Seeks to Set New Automobile Land Speed Record

  1. The Eagle looks like a Lockheed F-104 Starfighter with the wings removed. The Starfighter wasn’t very stable when it had wings. What’s it gonna be like without them? I got a bad feeling about this…

  2. I had the privilege of meeting Leslie Porterfield at the International Motorcycle Show in Cleveland — must have been a couple of years ago. She graciously autographed a poster of her for me and my daughter. She chatted briefly/answered questions about her Salt Flats records, smiled beautifully, and invited that if ever I were to venture to the Salt Flats during Speed Week, to look her up. Again how gracious, nice, and what a role model indeed.

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