Genevieves column in Friction Zone magazine

A general interest motorcycle magazine serving the West coast

A Sample of Columns
December 2005: “The Fastest Growing Segment of Motorcycling” PDF

January 2006: “Women Riders and Confidence” PDF

February 2006: “Whats Stopping You From Learning To Ride” EXTERNALDownload PDF

March 2006: “The Value of a Riding Mentor” Download PDF

April 2006: “Being A Responsible Motorcyclist” Download PDF

May 2006: “Learning To Ride: Women Vs. Men” Download PDF

June 2006: “The Maturing of the Woman Rider” Download PDF

July 2006: “Do What You Love” Download PDF

August 2006: “Sharing The Passion” Download PDF

September 2006: “The Mind of the Woman Rider” Download PDF

October 2006: “The Female Connection” Download PDF

November 2006: “Re-energize Your Ride” Download PDF

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