Genevieves column in Dealernews magazine

The leading trade publication for the powersports industry.

A Sample of Columns
February 2006: “How To Sell More Bikes To Women”

March 2006: “Attracting Women To Your Dealership Part 1”
Download PDF

April 2006: “Attracting Women To Your Dealership Part 2”
Download PDF

May 2006: “Female Friendly Bikes”
Download PDF

June 2006: “Whats the Deal With Pink?”
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July 2006: “Stocks, Bonds and Bikes” Download PDF

August 2006: “The Rise of Riding Groups” Download PDF

September 2006: “Marketing Myths: How Well Do You Know Your Female Customer” Download PDF

November 2006: “Lifestyle Marketing” Download PDF

Click here to see a complete list of Genevieves columns on the Dealernews magazine Web site.

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