Fearless! American Motorcycle Expedition by a Polish Woman

Solo ride on a Triumph Bonneville

Watch her video at the end of this story. Added on September 24, 2014.

While more women riders than ever before are embarking on a solo cross-country motorcycle adventures, the overall numbers are still very small due to the immense challenge of living on the road and traveling by motorcycle for an extended length of time. But one young woman—from Poland!—is setting out on a coast-to-coast journey of America on a motorcycle most women never even consider, the small, minimalist Triumph Bonneville.

American motorcycle expedition by Polish woman Grand Canyon
Weronika Kwapisz, from Poland, embracing the beauty of America and the challenges of her solo ride.

American motorcycle expedition by Polish Women Weronika Kwapisz
Weronika in a self portrait with her Bonneville on a solo tour of America.

American motorcycle expedition by Polish woman riders view
The view behind the windshield of her Triumph Bonneville

But small minimalist motorcycles have become Weronika Kwapisz’s signature for her motorcycle expeditions. She’s known in the long distance motorcycling world for her daring expedition across Europe performed on a little 125cc motorcycle. Now, she has the goal to cross North America on a Triumph Bonneville in 80 days.

“I want to soak up the world, which becomes clearer at slower speeds.”
American motorcycle expedition by Polish woman southwest
Weronika and her Triumph Bonneville amidst the red rocks that color the highways of the southwest.

Weronika Kwapisz is a rider, traveler and author of the e-book “Everything Starts from a Dream.” Thanks to her 94-year-old grandmother, who ran a motorcycle shop, there is gasoline flowing in her veins. Weronika inherited her grandmothers love for two-wheels, which sparked a courageous journey through Europe in 2011. This petite and modest young woman rode 7,456 solo miles on a small 125cc motorcycle, arousing great interest in the media.

American motorcycle expedition by Polish woman bonneville triumph
Weronikas trusty steed in the Wild West—a Triumph Bonneville.

This year, 28-year-old Weronika set a goal to tour the endless prairies, mountains and valleys of North America by herself. For more than two months she will be challenged with difficult routes, changing weather and unpredictable events. “I want to discover North America from the inside out, ride many “fairytale” routes called scenic byways, visit national parks, and get to know people and their stories. I want to see if the Wild West with endless prairies still exists,” said Weronika before starting her great American adventure.

American motorcycle expedition by Polish woman ocean highway
Rounding the curve—all types of roads and conditions await while touring America.

American motorcycle expedition by Polish woman grand canyon sign
Making a point to take in all of America that she can, Weronika stops at the Grand Canyon.

For this journey she’s roughly planned out totals 9,940 miles, which Weronika will travel on her Triumph Bonneville. “This is the essence of style, a timeless motorcycle that has a soul. I don’t want to beat any records. I want to soak up the world, which becomes clearer at slower speeds. I also like minimalism, because nowadays too many gadgets distract our attention from what’s really important. Besides, you can’t buy adventure; you can only experience it.”

American motorcycle expedition by Polish Triumph Bonneville Paced
Weronika packs light as there isnt much room to carry a lot of stuff on a Triumph Bonneville.
American motorcycle expedition by Polish woman Hollywood sign
Hollywood, here she comes!

American motorcycle expedition by Polish woman lake
Opportunities to discover another gem of American landscape lie around almost every bend.

American motorcycle expedition by Polish woman behind windsheild
Rambling on the everyday roads of America.

American motorcycle expedition by Polish woman beach
Life doesnt get much sweeter than riding solo and a day at the beach!

Weronika passed the midpoint of her trip, San Francisco, a few weeks ago. Shes since been up the Pacific Coast into Canada and is now back in the states through Montana and now into Wyoming as of this publishing date. Shes exceeded the distance she predicted. “North America is a beautiful continent with great roads. So far, I have met incredible and friendly people. I can’t wait to see what the second part of journey brings.”

Track Weronika’s travels on her Facebook page or visit her official trip website RidingAcross.com.

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8 thoughts on Fearless! American Motorcycle Expedition by a Polish Woman

  1. Love the story, love your bike. I’m surprised you have all you need for a long solo journey in just a few small rolls and saddlebags on your Bonnie. I would be very interested to read, if you would oblige, on what you pruned your packing down to as evidently you carry only what is really needed. I have the 2010 SE Bonnie. Safe travels.

    1. Kat,Since we posted this article, Weronika has written a book that goes into more detail about her ride. You can learn more about her book here, and while you’re there check out her website and email her directly.

  2. I loved this story. Aside from Weonika’s indomitable character and wonderful energy, it reminded me that what we take for granted in North America is very foreign to those from outside our borders – just as we view other countries and fear the stories we hear. People are people the world over.

  3. Hi,Thanks for so many nice comments :)Greetings from Chicago :)p.s.Dave – yes it’s me 🙂

  4. Wonderful endeavor! I can’t agree with you more when you say that life experience cannot be bought. In today’s world, where so much of a premium is paid for bigger, stronger, and faster, it is refreshing to hear someone talk about the basics — two wheels, an engine and a desire to see the world. I bought a Bonny last year, and the way I see it, the possibilities are endless. Brilliant!

  5. Great trip. Are you the young lady that also owns a JUNAK motorcycle that I messaged via Horizonsunlimited.com site?Dave

  6. We had the honour of Weronika’s company in our home for a couple of nights when she was traveling through Western Canada! She’s a remarkable young women and I suspect an old soul. Although I was born in Canada both of my parents are of Polish decent. We shared stories from our families past and have become kindred spirits. I truly hope our paths will cross again. God speed Weronika.

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