Editors Blog: My Custom Paint Job

I'm over the moon about it

By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor

OK it may not be for everybody, but I LOVE IT! I finally have the bike paint job I want. JoAnn Bortles of CrazyHorsePainting exceeded my expections and then some. The flat, matte, rough finish paint job is exactly what I envisioned when I bought my new 2008 Harley-Davidson Street Glide in January and sent off the black painted parts to her to do her magic. No glitz, no glamour, no fuss, no shine just a sedate, eye-catching, nature/western themed colors that express my personality.

First day with the new bike. Picture taken at Yellowstone Harley-Davidson when I picked up my new bike with new custom paint job.

Major kudos to JoAnn whos been painting motorcycles for nearly 30 years with many awards for her work under her belt. She told me to go The Home Depot and pick up some paint chips of the colors I wanted for my bike. I then told her I wanted simple biker flames. She was puzzled at first when I showed her the paint chips, but as it all came together, she “got” it. The colors she mixed matched what I sent her perfectly and the flames she painted are exactly what I wanted. The finish feels like suede when you glide your hand over the metal. Yessss! Brown suede my cup o tea!

My new motorcycle has me excited about riding this summer. Ive got several accessories put on the bike which Ill elaborate on in a future blog. For now, Im cant believe thats my bike. Ive always wanted to say that about my bike.

Computer Gremlins
I got over the my email debacle, but I never did recover my inbox with 100-some-odd saved or unanswered emails. Im never using Microsoft Outlook again. Just because the power failed in the middle of me moving an email from my inbox to an archive folder, the whole inbox went corrupt, got corrupt, was corrupt however you say it. I worked with experts to try and recover and then restore the corrupt inbox, but it was never to be found on my hard drive. How could that be?! Where did it go? Those computer gremlins are ruthless!

Ohio Bike Week
Ohio Bike Week came and went. If you visit this site regularly, you know I organized a women riders symposium called Women Riders: No Limits! at the 10-day rally in Sandusky in early June. It was well attended and all who came gave the event rave reviews judging by the surveys. Im still organizing all the photos from it and will post a story in pictures in the WRN Photo Gallery soon.

Motorcycling Friends
A couple of weeks ago, I received a visit from a good friend I knew when we both lived in L.A. Jill Zorn has organized some of the biggest motorcycle rides in motorcycling, including a ride across the country to raise money for 911 victims. She now works as the marketing director at RGV Harley-Davidson in McAllen, Texas, down near the Mexico border. Jill visited my neck of the woods in Montana with some friends renting Harleys to tour the Big Sky state. She stopped by the Women Riders Now office before heading off on her journey. For you shorties out there check out the picture of Jill and the bike she rented.

Jill Zorn in Montana heading off in search of fun and adventure. Jill#39;s just 5 feet. She can easily manuever this Harley-Davidson Softail Deluxe that she rented.

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15 thoughts on Editors Blog: My Custom Paint Job

  1. I am reminded of that great brown suede from the “hippie” days of mine that I loved so much when I see your bike. Congratulations on a great paint job!

    I have the same bike as Jill rented. I am 4 feet 11 inches and find the Deluxe to be a nice comfort zone for my height too. Looks like you two are set for more adventures!

  2. I read your article about your new bike in American Iron magazine and laughed because I just got done teasing my husband for purchasing a “geezer” bike. Well, you both have the last laugh because I test road a Street Glide at Myrtle Beach Bike Week and loved it, but still stay true to my Heritage Classic Custom.

    Thanks for all your great support and articles on becoming a better woman rider.

  3. I especially like the big bags on your bike and all it can hold when touring. Wondering if you have or need a detatchable windshield?

    I just returned yesterday from a six-week, 10 Western states and Canada trip all solo. I painted murals in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Avery, Idaho, and just toured. Made friends and fell in love with the road all over again. I could stay on it forever. My baby is a 2003 Harley Deuce and the best! However, I don't want him to know that I'm looking at your bike with envy.

    1. I have no desire for a detachable windshield on my Street Glide. I had one on my Dyna and never took it off so the “detachable” feature was a moot point.

      Your trip sounds divine. Everyone should do a solo trip.

  4. JoAnn is great at what she does and yes, looks like she captured the essence of brown suede perfectly!

  5. I always enjoy reading WRN. I'm glad it's coming out more often! Will you be in Milwaukee with your new bike and awesome paint job for the 105th?

    1. I had planned to ride my new motorcycle to the 105th, but plans have changed and I must fly in. Much to my dismay, working in the motorcycle industry leaves me little time to actually ride. I have back-to-back trips so I don't have time to actually ride there. I am riding the bike to Sturgis, though.

  6. Hi Genevieve,

    What a totally awesome bike. You are right. “Kudos” to your friend JoAnn. She did a beautiful job, and after meeting you only once here at the Garage Party in Baton Rouge, LA, I will say, this is your style. It suits you well, my friend. I want to add how much I enjoyed and thank you for your motovational talk when you were here in B.R. I believe a lot of the women have made more “ME” time. It's also good to know that short people like Jill Zorn can ride an awesome bike like the H-D Deluxe Softail. An awesome piece of machinery. Gives hope to “shorties” like me at 5 feet even! (smile)

    Have a great summer, enjoy your bike, and hope to see you back in this “Bayou State” again soon. Much Love & Respect!

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Pam. My time in B.R. was way too short, but my visit to the Garage Party was one of the best yet. All the women were so kind and gracious. Must be that southern hospitality.

      Glad you like the bike. I'm pretty excited about it.

  7. Your bike is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sedate, sleek, easy on the eye, and matches perfectly with the browns and autumn shades that you wear so well.
    I enjoy the site, it has a priceless value. It encourages those of us who are still strugging with health issues, riding skill issues, and the issues of orientation to the world of women on two wheels.
    Thank you, for your untiring efforts; communicating with us is the most empowering thing that you can do. Sharing others failures and successes, serves as a tool of encouragement to new riders and more seasoned riders that have health challenges and other issues.

  8. What type of bike did Jill start on? My boyfriend bought me a Fat Boy and I am only 5 feet 1 inch. Any good advice you can send my way will be very much appreciated. (I do have some experience riding.) I also love the paint job!

    1. I contacted Jill and here's her answer: I had a 1200 Custom Sportser that I rode 48,000 miles on all over the country. It fit me perfectly. No changes, just stock.

      I then bought a Road King and lowered the front and rear, put custom bars on
      it that pulled closer to me, and cut the seat foam out to get my feet on the
      ground where it was comfortable. That bike was perfect.

      I now have Screamin' Eagle Deuce. I lowered the rear, and had a custom
      alligator seat on it made to bring me closer to the front, and it makes such
      a difference. That bike fits me perfect.

      The Fat Boy is a great bike. I had a Heritage Softail last summer to ride, from
      my dealership, to go across country. Put more than 8,000 miles on it. The frame
      is the same as the Fat Boy. Lowered the front and put a kickstand helper on the stand so I could reach it with my short legs, and I was good to go. No problem at all getting around on that bike. Loved it.

      Harley-Davidson's can fit anyone. I have friends with Ultra Classics and they are 5 feet tall, give or take a couple inches. It is like a good pair of jeans, or a nice leather jacket, when you get it tailored to you, it fits. You can make any Harley fit. I have seen it and lived it first hand.

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