Dont Have a Boring Bike

Ways to stand out in a crowd

You havent seen accessories like this before! Take a look at these custom floorboards, mirrors leather toolbag/forkbag that will have you to standing out in a crowd.

Mirrors and Floorboards to Reflect Your Style
“One of the best things about making a bike your own is that functional items dont have to be boring,” says Chris Kregness, owner of Mototrix, a company entering the motorcycle industry with unique accessories to personalize your motorcycle.

MotoTrix line of motorcycle mirrors, floorboards and accessories.

Chris adds, “The accessories can be cool and have distinctive designs. ou have to have mirrors, so why not make them match the style of your bike?” Good point, Chris. The two new mirror designs include a classic motorcycling flame and the Maltese mirror with the design in triplicate. The backside is as cool as the front featuring a raised image of the front design.

The MotoTrix classic motorcycling flame mirror.
The back of the Flame mirror is detailed and sculpted, with a high-polished mirror finish.

Both MotoTrix mirrors are made of hand polished chromed aluminum with unbreakable acrylic glass. Stems fit almost any application, including all Harley-Davidson models.

MotoTrix floorboard designs include, Burning Flame, Maltese Cross, Spinning Cross and a flaming Skull design.

The ominous flaming skull floorboard design.

Each MotoTrix floorboard is built on 1/4-inch laser cut steel, hand polished, and chromed to a mirror like finish. All floorboards are designed to fit 5-speed FLT, FLHT, FLHS, Road King, Heritage Softail, and Fat Boy models. If you like the boards, you will love the passenger boards designed to match along with grips and more.

For more information on MotoTrix motorcycle accessories at

Custom Leather Specialist Leaving his Mark on Tool Bags
Check out these leather tool bags that can be customized to your style. Originally known for producing some of the finest handcrafted leather motorcycle seats, Duane Ballard Custom Leather has expanded its design repertoire to include handmade tool bags.

Every saddle and toolbag is completely custom, each detail of the design a result of close collaboration with the client.

Crafted out of 100 percent Grade A cowhide. The toolbags are available in several sizes to accommodate anything from tools to iPods and rain jackets.

These toolbags also feature leather-covered endcaps to ensure the bag never loses its shape no matter what is stored inside.

“These bags are extremely functional, but theyre also fully customizable,” said Duane Ballard, the owner and craftsman of Duane Ballard Leather. Every saddle and toolbag is completely custom, each detail of the design a result of close collaboration with the client. Ballard has more than 10 years experience in leather crafting and hand sews, dyes, laces and tools each product himself. The toolbags start at $400 and can be ordered by calling 603.781.7505. His saddles have appeared on bikes featured in Discovery Channels “Biker Build-Off” series, and have won “Best Upholstery” at shows across the country.

For more information on Duane Ballard and Duane Ballard Custom Leather, please visit

9 thoughts on Dont Have a Boring Bike

  1. Hear, hear! I agree completely with the pass on the hackneyed skulls, flames, studs and iron crosses seen everywhere. Even the men should be sick of them!
    I learned to airbrush last year (am an art-school grad) when I got my old, antique, starter bike, a 650cc. The helmets were yuck, so I got a new DOT approved in “don't matter” color, low cost, and sanded and painted it with eye-catching pearl white with large sensuous hot-pink orchids all over it, drawn from my own plant in my home. It is visible from far away — my intent. I had a man and a woman at work, different times, compliment it.

  2. Hear, hear! I'd love to see someone doing some more “girly” kinds of parts for our bikes. The closest I've seen is the heart-shaped taillight, mirrors, and caps from Vagabond Choppers ( That's the kind of stuff I'm talking about. Like Julie, I don't necessarily need all pink and flowery, but I'm not into all of the skulls and flames, either.

  3. How about something with a horse design, like a flowing mane, a horse head, or chrome horseshoe? Love horses.

  4. I agree. I am looking to dress up my bike. I have looked everwhere and I can not find one thing I like. I, too, want more than skulls and crosses.

  5. I'd love to have the flaming skulls floorboards for my VTX!

  6. As with most accessory companies, it is too bad they are still geared towards men. I am sorry, but I don't think too many women want skulls or crosses. The designs don't have to be sissyish just something neutral. Trust me, I don't want anything pink or flowery either. The flames are nice.

    1. I agree. Maybe if more companies hear from women like yourself, they'll start making more gender neutral designs.

  7. It's great to hear about news vendors such as Mototrix. But I have one suggestion for you if you would like to really help market the new vendors on your Web site.

    This site is devoted to Women Riders. The pics of items that Mototrix is promoting — skulls, flames, etc. — are quite available in the present market. (Granted, a skull floor board is different than your typical floor boards out there.)
    Women riders are looking for items that have somewhat of a feminine touch. I've talked to other women riders and they agree with me.

    For instance, I've named my bike “Iron Angel.” I've found it extremely difficult, next to impossible, finding
    things to “dress up” my bike with that type of theme.

    So, if Mototrix (and any other vendor you promote on your Web site) has a product which leans more towards the feminine side, I suggest you put those pics on your Web site. I promise you'll get the ladies looking further into that vendor's Web site to see what's there.

    1. I posted your letter because I wanted companies to see that there is a market for more than skulls and flames. You are not the first woman to express this. I've gotten emails over the years asking why more companies are not making feminine themed accessories. The reason is really about demand. Only now are we seeing a record number of women riding their own motorcycles. The more companies hear from women like yourself, the more they'll be apt to start catering to women.

      We post these products because we think they're pretty cool for the small number of women who may actually like them. More importantly, we post them so people like yourself will contact these innovators and give them suggestions just as you've stated.

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