Classic Touring Model New to Line of BMW R 18 Cruiser Motorcycles

The R 18 Classic includes windshield, saddlebags, floorboards, and driving lights

By Tricia Szulewski, Editor
BMW touring model new R 18 cruiser beach
The BMW R 18 Classic comes ready to handle long motorcycle trips and starts at $19,495. A number of packages and upgrades are available for the Classic, just like the base R 18. The First Edition shown here is $21,870 and includes more chrome and pinstriped tank, with special “First Edition” emblems.

Following the premier of BMW’s new R 18 cruiser that we reviewed here, Motorrad has introduced the first addition to the model series, called the R 18 Classic. For just $2,000 more than the base R 18, the Classic includes touring bike features such as a windshield, saddlebags, floorboards, cruise control, passenger seat, 16-inch front wheel (as opposed to the 19 inch), and LED driving lights.

The R 18’s 1800cc boxer engine has more than enough power to give riders a relaxed ride, even at highway speeds, so its only natural to add long distance comfort features to the big cruiser to make it cross-country capable.

BMW touring model new R 18 cruiser woman rider
There are lots of customizing options available for the R 18 so riders can get exactly what they want. In this photo the woman is riding the R 18 Special Edition while the man has a number of accessories on his R 18.

With the addition of the R 18 Classic’s touring features, riders can enjoy all that power and go farther in comfort and ease without having to add accessories one by one, which can be costly and time consuming.

BMW touring model new R 18 classic cruiser
The Classic’s windshield, saddlebags, cruise control, passenger seat, and floorboards provide everything you need to take this bike on extended tours. You’ll notice the R 18’s fishtail muffler has been replaced with a more traditional bagger exhaust system.

While almost all the specs on the Classic match the R 18 base model, the extra accessories add 44 pounds, making the overall wet weight of the Classic 805 pounds—still lighter than the 828-pound Harley-Davidson Road King, a model similarly styled to the R 18 Classic and one of women’s favorite touring motorcycles.

The Classic’s seat height is 27.95 inches, 3/4 inch higher than the R 18, but a low seat option is available which brings the rider .8 inches closer to the ground. Some riders will appreciate the Reverse Assist option which is included with Special Edition models or part of the select and premium packages. To see it in action, check out this short video:

BMW touring model new R 18 classic cruiser saddlebags
The 4.1 gallon saddlebags are semi-rigid and come off easily for cleaning. The bright chrome logod buckles are pretty, but even better, there are quick-release buckles hidden underneath for easier access.
BMW touring model new R 18 classic cruiser windshield windscreen driving lights LED
The Classic’s large windshield offers almost 11 inches of wind protection above the handlebars and LED driving lights add safety and better visibility.
BMW touring model new R 18 classic cruiser floorboards
A heel/toe shifter above the mid-positioned floorboard fits the Classics retro styling. All R 18s have a mid-placed foot position because the large engine cylinders prevent riders from reaching a forward control.
BMW touring model new R 18 classic cruiser cruise control grip control
The Classic includes electronic cruise control and driving LED lights as standard equipment. Both are controlled with the left thumb.

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