Book Review: The Women’s Guide to Motorcycling

Everything a new rider needs to know about starting her journey on two wheels

By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
We at Women Riders Now already know that women are the fastest growing group of new motorcycle riders. Now a new book out entitled simply “The Women’s Guide to Motorcycling” aims to help beginners get to know the sport of riding a little better to help them make informed decisions.
book review womens guide to motorcycling cover
While the cover shows a woman in black leather next to a cruiser style motorcycle, “The Women’s Guide to Motorcycling” covers all genres of riding with specific advice geared toward each one.

“The Women’s Guide to Motorcycling,” published last summer, offers a candid look at everything a woman needs to know about bikes, equipment, riding, and safety. Written by motorcyclist Lynda Lahman, who is a mental skills coach for athletes, the 240-page soft cover book provides a comprehensive look at motorcycling from a female point of view.

book review womens guide to motorcycling chapters
Chapter titles include The Rise of Women and Motorcycling; Why We Ride; Getting Started; Improving Your Skills; Important Purchases; Mechanics 101; Safety; Putting it all Together; and Getting Involved.
book review womens guide to motorcycling inside
There are plenty of real world photos of women with various styles of motorcycles to illustrate the book.
book review womens guide to motorcycling photos
The full color book has a nice balance of text, photos, and graphics to keep it fun and interesting to read.

I like that “The Women’s Guide to Motorcycling” is structured not only as an educational resource but also as a reference manual with an index. This makes it easy to look up topics you may need at various times during your motorcycling life.

“The Women’s Guide to Motorcycling” also includes:
– Anecdotes from female motorcycling enthusiasts including the author’s own story
– Notable names from the past and present
– Motorcycle skills from basic to advanced
– The physical and mental aspects of riding
– Considerations for choosing a bike from a female point of view
– A primer on proper maintenance and dealing with mechanical problems
– Different types of riding
– Getting more out of the sport through clubs, forms, charity events and mentoring
Readers will also find informative sidebars throughout with titles like “Dealing With Deer,” “The Wave,” and “Overconfidence.” And is mentioned on several pages (thank you Lynda) including the Recommended Resources section.
You can see there is a lot of valuable information here. Experienced motorcyclists will certainly glean a few nuggets from the book as well.
The soft cover book measures 8 inches by 11 inches and sells for $24.95 in the U.S. and $32.50 in Canada. Publisher Lumina Media tell us “The Women’s Guide to Motorcycling” can be found wherever books are sold.
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  1. Just received from Amazon. Looking forward to a good read this week through the weekend.

  2. I would love to get hold of this book as I am a new rider. How do I get hold of one?

    1. Perhaps you missed the line at the end of the article referencing where to buy it. “Wherever books are sold.” The publisher is also listed.

  3. It would be helpful to have a link to provide the book online.

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