April Is Get Out and Ride Month

AMA launches springtime campaign

The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) is celebrating April as “AMA Get Out and Ride! Month.” While some motorcyclists live where just about every day is a day in the saddle, many riders are stuck in a deep freeze all winter. Theres no better way to rekindle Americas ongoing love affair with two- or three-wheeled wonders than a monthlong ridefest.
Riders hit the road during a balmy spring day. Keep an eye out for rough roads and gravel left over from melting snow.

“April is the perfect month to kick off a celebration of the motorcycling lifestyle,” said AMA President and CEO Rob Dingman. “Its been a long, cold winter, and motorcyclists across the country are enjoying these first warm days of spring. We invite motorcyclists everywhere to join us as we usher in another great season of on- and off-road riding.”

AMA Get Out and Ride! Month kicks into gear on April 1. Throughout the month, the AMA will shine a spotlight on cool places to ride and showcase the riding activities of its members and motorcyclists across the country. A special Web page launching April 1 on AmericanMotorcyclist.com, plus a Facebook page and Twitter feed, will provide daily details about the springtime campaign, including themes for each week.
  • April 4-10: AMA Get Out and Ride Your Way! This week highlights everything from AMA Grand Tours to solo riding on favorite trails and twisties.
  • April 11-17: AMA Get Out and Ride Together! This week features large iconic rallies and smaller local events, from dual-sport rides to AMA National Conventions to Gypsy Tours.
  • April 18-24: AMA Get Out and Ride for a Cause! This week showcases events and activities where motorcyclists use their love of riding to help others less fortunate and to advocate for the motorcycling lifestyle.
  • April 25-30: AMA Get Out and Ride Smart! This week focuses on rider training and awareness skills needed to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience on every ride.
Motorcyclists are invited to share their experiences with stories, photos and videos. Weekly winners will be selected for the best submissions, and the motorcyclist with the coolest tale will be featured in an upcoming issue of American Motorcyclist magazine and on AmericanMotorcyclist.com.
“Millions of riders spend the winter months imagining all the terrific riding they want to do, and April is the month when they get out there and begin living out those dreams,” said Dingman. “AMA Get Out and Ride! Month is a great way to share their adventures with tens of thousands of newfound riding friends across the country.” Visit AmericanMotorcyclist.comfor more details.
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