Women Riders Now Marketing Survey

Exclusive information on buying habits of women riders

Women Riders Now conducted an online survey of its readers to learn the demographics and motorcycle buying habits of its readers. The survey was administered by SurveyMonkey.com from October – December 2007. Results were published starting in February 2008. More 1300 readers responded to the 21-question survey.

No where else in the industry will you find the kind of results about where women go for their motorcycle research information, what features in a motorcycle they deem important, what brands they ride, how many motorcycles they own and so much more.

Women Riders Now is making the results of this survey available for purchase. Already one major manufacturer has purchased the results to use in its own marketing research.

Please contact Women Riders Now editor Genevieve Schmitt at 406.333.4491, or gschmitt@womenridersnow.com.

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