Windshield Saver: No more scratches

It's so easy!

I learned the hard way. When on long road trips, I, like most riders, would clean my windshield at a gas station using the provided squeegee and paper towels. Over time, I noticed light scratches in my windshield. I discovered this was caused from using the hard paper towels to dry off my windshield at the gas station.

A small old washcloth takes up no space in a saddlebag.

I started carrying a soft cotten towel in my saddlebag used specifically for drying my windshield after cleaning it at a gas station. I ended up having to buy a new windshield because the first one was scratched up so bad. With this new one, I only use a soft towel or washcloth to dry it. Wow! What a difference. No scratches. [Editors Note: Lisa has another great cleaning tip that well post next week.]

Lisa Corsa
Boca Raton, Florida

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