Video: What item must you have when you ride?

Women riders share their answers

By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor

We asked women motorcycle riders the all important question: What one accessory must you have with you on your motorcycle when you ride? Check out this short video with some fun answers.

Now tell us what one item you must have when you ride your motorcycle in the comments below.

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9 thoughts on Video: What item must you have when you ride?

  1. Great suggestions, all! I always have something sparkly (bracelets, bandannas, bedazzled vest). I carry sunscreen, a water bottle plus one in my beverage holder, and two chargers: one charger that plugs into the bike for my phone/iPod, and one USB charger that also plugs into the bike. I also carry a duffle bag that rolls up super small and extra bungees in case I need to shed my coat/leathers or shop on the way! I also recently found a small cast-iron hammer (6 inches long) that is now added to my Leatherman, zip ties, and electrical tape. I also carry a small first-aid kit.

  2. ATGATT including phone and my rosary.

  3. My phone to call for help. The one time that I didn’t, I learned to pick up a bike.

  4. I always make sure I have my charging cords for my phone. Want to be sure I am fully charged throughout a day of riding.

  5. Besides the ATGATT, my PACSAFE Slingsafe. Check them out — traveling girl’s must. It carries and protects everything I need. Including ChapStick, a must here in Phoenix.

  6. The one item I always have in my pocket (riding or not) is a Chapstick.

  7. I can’t be without my phone and Nano along with my helmet and glasses.

  8. Never go anywhere without my lipstick!

  9. Love the sarong suggestion. I have carried one before to use as a “changing room” in/out of leathers, but kind of forgot. Always a snack and water ad for me ATGATT goes without saying.

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