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Fun with Women Riders Now

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We’ve collecte’d some interesting photos from events recently. Heres a hodge podge, most taken from the annual Love Ride in Southern California in 2005.

Terri-Lynn Link of Siren Custom Cycles doing one bad burnout during the Women’s Motorcycle Expo in northern California.
Terri-Lynn burns it even hotter!
Kelly Appleton and Dee Tompkins, owners of GearUpDirect.com, a WRN advertiser, busy selling lots of motorcycle apparel at the Americade Rally.
What are they talking about? That’s Peter Fonda and Lorenzo Lamas spotted at the Love Ride in November in Glendale, Calif.
In the pink: Kitty Kimbell, a sales associate at Los Angeles Harley-Davidson, showing off what she did to her 2006 Street Bob. (Photo by Ken Karagozian)
Women Riders Now founder, Genevieve Schmitt, delivers an inspirational speech to a group of women at the Los Angeles Harley-Davidson Women Riders Expo in early May. (Photo by Ken Karagozian)
Betsy Huelskamp, star of “Motorcycle Women,” a documentary that aired on The Discovery Channel. Her paint job courtesy of muriatic acid. Really!
Betsy Huelskamp giving some guy the ride of his life in the Badlands.
WRN contributor Teri Conrad posing with the legend Willie G. Davidson and wife, Nancy.
Tony… do you think the bike’s big enough?That’s Tony Reynolds builder of the Viper Boss Hoss.
Lacey Soule on her very own Boss Hoss. Good outfit coordination, girlfriend!
Women can get away with stuff like this on their leathers and be cool. Can you imagine a guy doing the same and getting away with it. “Super Man.” Uh… we don’t think so.
Cute ears, Candace. Again, can you imagine a guy putting horns on his helmet and getting away with it. We think his buddies would bust his chops!
Editor Genevieve Schmitt with the Teutuls of “American Chopper.” Hey, is Paulie Jr. checking her out?
Lisa Pritchard of Saugus, Calif., shows off her custom Fat Boy.
Rider Michelle Dell, owner of the famous New York City biker bar hangout Hogs Heifers, at the opening of her Las Vegas saloon, posing with a friend.
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