New Motorcycles for 2017

Light, fun, easy to ride is the trend

By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor

Here’s our selection of exciting new and updated motorcycles for 2017. Most are in dealerships now.

Royal Enfield
We’re excited the iconic brand from India now has a presence in the U.S. Royal Enfield, maker of easy-to-ride fuel injected (yes!) 500cc single cylinder motorcycles, created to tackle India’s roughest roads, are now available to American riders.

new motorcycles for 2017 royal enfield classic
The Classic is what you see when you think of Royal Enfield. The solo seat, the light weight of just 412 pounds, and the 31-inch seat height (with a 29-inch low seat option) make the bike so accessible as a beginner motorcycle and beyond.

The grand opening of Royal Enfields North American headquarters was held in September at its new location in Milwaukee. The company is focusing on expanding its dealer network across the U.S. and Canada. There are 30 dealers so far. Average price is $5,500 for a motorcycle. Visit to find a dealer near you and to learn more.

2017 Yamaha SCR950
Yamaha introduces the 2017 SCR950, an all-new motorcycle that joins the company’s “Sport Heritage” model lineup, which already includes the VMAX, XSR900, and SR400.

new motorcycles for 2017 yamaha scr950 woman rider
The SCR950 is a lightweight classically styled nimble motorcycle with a seat height of 32.7 inches that’s manageable because of its narrow profile and light weight of 550 pounds.

A tough explorer with scrambler styling, the SCR950 is powered by a 942cc air-cooled, 60-degree V-twin, fuel-injected engine with four valves per cylinder. The SCR950 hearkens back to the past with its wide and tall handlebars, retro-racing number-plate-styled side covers, fork gaiters, wire-spoked aluminum rims, 2-into-1 exhaust pipe with upswept muffler, and long low-profile seat.

All that timeless style blends perfectly with modern engineering touches like an LCD speedometer, LED taillight, flangeless fuel tank, powerful brakes with wave-type rotors, and low-maintenance carbon-fiber-core belt final drive.The 2017 SCR950 has a retail price of $8,699.

2017 Yamaha FZ-10

new motorcycles for 2017 yamaha fz10 sportbike
Yamaha is debuting the all-new FZ-10 “Hyper Naked” flagship sportbike that compliments the successful FZ-07 (a fav among women!) and FZ-09 models to its sport motorcycle lineup.

new motorcycles for 2017 yamaha fz10 r1 engine
The aggressively styled FZ-10 offers serious power and agility thanks to its R1-derived engine, chassis, and fully adjustable KYB suspension. Liter-class riders will appreciate the FZ-10’s torquey power delivery and corner-carving precision. Seat height is 32.5 inches.

The 2017 FZ-10 is available in Armor Gray (shown) and Matte Raven Black, and sells for $12,999.

2017 Yamaha Bolt

new motorcycles for 2017 yamaha bolt woman rider
For 2017, the 942cc Bolt features a new flangeless fuel tank design for a cleaner look, while new wire-spoke aluminum rims strike a stylish new pose.

The Yamaha Bolt (shown) and its cousin, the Bolt R-Spec with its “performance bobber” attitude have quickly become popular among women riders seeking an urban styled motorcycle that has decent power and is easy to ride and handle. The 27.2-inch seat height makes it possible. The Bolt starts at $7,999. VisitYamahaMotorsports/motorcycles.comto learn more.

2017 BMW R nineT Scrambler
Women—and men—are so in love with the uniqueness of the BMW R nineT Roadster that BMW added yet another version of the R nineT this model year, the Scrambler. VisitBMWMotorcycles.comto learn more.

new motorcycles for 2017 bmw r ninet scrambler
The BMW R nineT Scrambler differs from the R nineT with a more upright seating position with bars you don’t have lean into to reach, higher upswept exhaust pipes, and knobby tires, all designed for “scrambling” around in the gravel and dirt roads. Though it’s not a dirtbike, the Scrambler is a street bike meant to appeal to riders who want a versatile, edgy bike that has no limits.

new motorcycles for 2017 bmw r ninet scrambler riding
The 32.3-inch seat height can be managed because of the Scrambler’s narrow profile and light weight of just 485 pounds. Priced at $13,000, the R nineT Scrambler is $2,000 less than the base R nineT.

2017 Can-Am Spyder F3-S and F3-Limited

new motorcycles for 2017 Spyder F3-S Sport Mode
New for 2017 within the Can-Am Spyder F3 family is the introduction of the race-inspired Can-Am Spyder F3-S with SPORT Mode. SPORT Mode allows the driver to perform controlled rear tire spins, which enhances the fun factor while maintaining vehicle stability. Price starts at $21,249.

new motorcycles for 2017 Spyder F3-S
Ten extra horsepower on the Spyder F3-S with SPORT mode elevates riding the Spyder to the next level.

Answer the call of the open road with the new Spyder F3 Limited. The self-adjusting air suspension is ultra plush. The 6-speaker audio system lets riders go to the beat of their own music. Add heated grips and footboards, and road trips and passenger experience have been enhanced like never before. Price starts at $29,849.

new motorcycles for 2017 Spyder F3-S top case
The new Spyder F3 Limited also features a removable top case with integrated passenger backrest. It has enough storage for two full-face helmets and is easily removable in 10 minutes, providing the option of bagger or full touring depending on the journey. The top case is available as an optional accessory for F3-T owners wishing to upgrade their unit for ultimate two-up cruising comfort.

Visit to learn more.

2017 Victory Octane
The Victory Octane is in a class by itself among other Victory models, with the category simply called 1200cc. Its super-low center of gravity and nimbleness, combined with a liquid-cooled 104 hp engine geared towards acceleration give experienced women riders lots of power without all the bulk and bigness. Read our review of the Victory Octane here.

new motorcycles for 2017 victory octane sash
The 1200cc Victory Octane is trying to capture some of the 1200 Custom Sportster crowd with similar engine but leaner, lighter, and with more horsepower. A lower seat height at 25.9 inches and $1,000 cheaper make this a very female-friendly super-powered motorcycle. This is WRN contributor Sash Walker, who is test riding the Octane for us. A review is forthcoming.

2017 Triumph Bonneville Bobber
The latest addition to the Bonneville family,Triumphintroduces the all-new premium custom Bonneville Bobber. Stripping the Bonneville T120 back to its purest essence it delivers all the hallmarks of a real bobber, with clean lines and low stance, single seat, wide flat bars, minimal bodywork and headlight, sculpted tank, wire-spoke wheels with wide rear wheel, and that all-important hardtail look.

new motorcycles for 2017 triumph bonneville seat
The slotted seat design system allows the rider to position the seat “up and forward” for dynamic riding in a roadster position and “down and backwards” for cruising in a more traditional riding position.

new motorcycles for 2017 triumph bonneville bobber
Combined with a low seat height of 27.2 inches when in the low seat position, the Bonneville Bobber is truly accessible to all riders.

The Bonneville Bobber will be in dealerships in early 2017. Retail price was not set as of press time. Visit to learn more.

While not new for 2017, these late-model-year-2016 introductions are worth mentioning.

2017 Harley-Davidson Roadster

new motorcycles for 2017 harley davidson roadster
No major changes to the Harley-Davidson Sportster Roadster for 2017, which debuted in April as a 2016 model. The Roadster is the Motor Companys latest addition to its Dark Custom lineup featuring a 1200cc engine, an aggressive riding position, and a 29-inch seat height.

Visit to learn more.

2017 Indian Motorcycle Scout Sixty

new motorcycles for 2017 indian scout sixty
For 2017, the Scout Sixty returns as the entry-level Indian Motorcycle boasting a low seat height of just 25.3 inches. With the confidence-inspiring handling and performance of the Scout, the Scout Sixty is priced at $8,999. Its by a 60 cubic inch engine (1000cc) thats mated to a smooth 5-speed transmission. Scout Sixty with ABS is offered in Indian Motorcycle Red starting at $9,999.

Visit to learn more.

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8 thoughts on New Motorcycles for 2017

  1. Debi,For those of us who don’t ride cruisers, 29 inches IS low and thankfully so! It is difficult for us shorter riders (I’m 5 feet 3 inches) to find comfortable bikes that fit. Most standards and dual sports are upwards of 32 inches. We don’t have many options. That R nineT is the bomb!

  2. It would be nice to see if there are any adventure bikes new for 2017. It looks like this article was a bit bias towards cruisers. I guess I’ll do my own research.

    1. Della,There are no new adventure models or else we would have included them. There are updates for 2017 to the Suzuki V-Strom 650 and 1000, but they are not new models so we didn’t include them in keeping with the premise of our list. I’m sorry you feel this is biased towards cruisers, but let me correct you. It is not. These are all the brand new bikes, except for two, as our list indicates. There are standards, sportbikes, three-wheelers, scramblers, and cafe racers. The two updated models were included because the company took the time to feature a woman riding the bike and it is model that’s appealing to women. Thanks for asking so I could clarify.

  3. Fun article! There are so many new bikes coming out on the market. Makes me feel like I picked a good time to start riding. I’ve completely fallen for the new Bonneville Bobber.

  4. Just bought a Victory Octane about two months ago. I’m short at 5 feet 3 inches and am a middle-aged woman. I am really enjoying this bike.It is extremely well-balanced and has loads of power. I had the reduced-reach kit installed when I bought the bike, and can ride all day without any back problems. The bike is also lighter than many others, weighing in at 504 pounds. I test rode an Indian and a Harley, which had a similar seat height. This one definitely came out ahead in power and handling.

  5. Nice article. It’s always exciting to see what’s new. But your comment about the Classic Royal Enfield’s seat height is laughable. “The 31-inch seat height (with a 29-inch low seat option) make the bike so accessible as a beginner motorcycle and beyond.” Since when is a seat height of 29 inch considered “low?” The average height woman in the U.S. is 5 feet 4 inches with an inseam of 30 inches (forget those clothing models). Most beginners want their feet flat on the ground, but even at the 29-inch seat height, the average woman would still not be flat footed, and forget all those petite women under 5 feet 4 inches. I’m 5 feet 2 inches with a 28-inch inseam, and ride a BMW F 650 GS. But I have 40 years of riding experience including racing and off-road. I’ve taught riding to many beginners and this bike’s seat height would not be a good fit for at least half of them.

    1. Debi,Thanks for your comment. When I mention those higher seat heights being manageable, I always take into account the profile and weight of a motorcycle, which in my opinion contributes to the motorcycle being more manageable—or not. The Royal Enfield is narrow and lightweight making it possible to tip-toe the bike and still feel in control.

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