Motorcycle Tour of Italy with other WRN Readers!

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By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor

Hear The Road Motorcycle Tours of Italy is offering you—and all other “fans, followers, visitors, and readers” of Women Riders Now (WRN)—the opportunity to tour this historic and beautiful country with an itinerary designed just for you. The Magical Italy Tour is a nine-day eight-night adventure with six riding days and one rest day taking place August 30 to September 7, 2014. Yes, that’s just a couple of months from now! Total mileage for this tour is 935.

Motorcycle Tour of Italy Civita di Bagnoregio
You’ll visit places like this beautiful village of Civita di Bagnoregio.

Riders will tour the magical roads of Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio, plus one dedicated day to explore Siena, the cradle of the Renaissance.

Because this is a tour designed specifically with WRN readers in mind, we’re calling it a “Ladies First” tour, which means men are encouraged to attend but only when accompanied by a woman.

Motorcycle Tour of Italy Rome
The itinerary includes a short ride around Rome before starting the tour.

“I’ve always wanted to offer our readers a way to share an incredible experience together,” says Genevieve Schmitt, WRN editor. “When Enrico Grassi, the owner of Hear The Road approached me about marketing his tours of Italy to readers of WRN, I looked at this as an opportunity to offer a motorcycle adventure customized to our mostly female readership. This means building in a rest day, a shopping day, lots of sightseeing along the way, staying at three and four star hotels and eating at unique restaurants that speak to the area’s culture.”

Motorcycle Tour of Italy shopping
A shopping day is a must on any WRN tour!

The dates were specifically chosen because they fall over Labor Day weekend in the U.S., a time typically dedicated for vacation. Plus, you’ll find optimal weather conditions for riding in Italy at that time.

More details:
• All paved roads
• Motorcycle rental included in price
• Prices start as low as $3,300 USD not including airfare
• Anyone is welcome, no matter what country you’re from
• Men must be accompanied by a female guest
• Shortest ride day is 77 miles; longest is 288

For more information:
Download a PDF of the full itinerary here. Itinerary has suggested hotels and dining spots. Final locations will be reserved when the minimum number of riders has been booked.
• Link to the tour that includes prices on Hear the Road’s website
• For more information, email Enrico Grassi

“Years ago I hosted a Ladies First tour in Mexico and I found the dynamics of this type of mixed gender group, where womens needs are thought of ‘first,’ to be pleasant, fun and accommodating,” said Genevieve. “I’m extremely excited to be offering this again.”

More photos of sights you’ll see:

Motorcycle Tour of Italy dinner courtyard
Welcome dinner in Rome is part of the price.

Motorcycle Tour of Italy colorful fields
The colorful plain of Castelluccio.

Motorcycle Tour of Italy Abbey of San Galgano
The magnificent Abbey of San Galgano.

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5 thoughts on Motorcycle Tour of Italy with other WRN Readers!

  1. I have signed up for this trip and am hoping that others will too. I have an advantage, as I am coming from Germany vs the States. I spoke with Enrico and it looks like it will be awesome. As of now, I get my own private tour guide. Hope someone will join me, though it will be a great trip no matter what.Hope to ride with you! Ciao!

  2. I lived in Italy for eight years (military). I can’t afford this trip, but if you can, YOU SHOULD GO! Because of certain rules/restrictions, I didn’t ride the entire time I was there (four years, then to Louisiana, then four more years = eight years in Italy). And I bet there’s nothing better than riding around southern Italy/Tuscany. I promise it’ll look just like every single movie you’ve ever seen. I wish I could go.

  3. My husband and I are doing the Majestic Alps trip beginning of August. I’ll be on a Ducati 696 and a little nervous about it. Going to rent one prior to trip to get used to this type of bike. Joyce, enjoy your trip and hopefully we can come back here and compare notes. I led a 10-day trip to Colorado a few years ago with my women’s only motorcycle group and we had a blast. There is something sweet about a “gang” of women riding down the road, it seems to grab a lot of attention. I would love to do a women’s only motorcycle trip to Europe. Some day soon!

  4. Hi Genevieve,Great idea! If I may suggest one thing I learned researching EU bike rallies is that there are shipping companies that will ship one’s bike across the pond. If I were to go, I’d prefer my own bike as well as staying a few extra weeks. Maybe a few others would too? On my music tours abroad, I learned to arrive a minimum of two or three days before I performed. For me, jetlag has always sucked. Rest is important for a clear head on stage and especially riding unfamiliar bikes. Just my two cents. Thanks for all you do!

  5. This article is so timely. My husband and I are booked on a motorcycle tour in Italy, Austria, Switzerland starting on 9/3. Maybe our paths will cross! I saved money secretly for three years and surprised him on our 25th wedding anniversary. I appreciate the mention of the “dynamics” of a group. I’m aware of that in our tour; I may be the only woman riding and feel there might be a “performance” expectation on my part. But I’m sure that will quickly dim in the awesomeness of the experience! I really like the idea of the women-only tour with invited guys along. Gals, if you’re even slightly considering it – DO IT. DO IT NOW. Time’s awastin’! Will be awaiting the follow-up articles on this! Safe travels all.

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