Joans Journey: Struggling with Weight Gain While on the Road

Join Joan by sharing your struggles

By Genevieve Schmitt

Joan Krenning is going public with her constant struggle with weight and her recent gain of 25 pounds while on the road for her Glory US-A Freedom Ride. Joan started her three-year motorcycle journey in April with a goal of visiting every Harley-Davidson dealership in the U.S. to not only promote her DesignWraps business, but to spread a message of hope and promote American made products.

Joans Journey Struggling With Weight Gain While on the Road
This is Joans “after” picture taken in November, the shot that motivated her to start hitting the gym. Visit her Facebook page to see her before picture and and shots of her in the gym hitting it hard.

Living on the road, sleeping in hotels and in friends guestrooms can take its toll and Joan is sharing her recent weight gain with the public in hopes of reaching others who share similar struggles. This latest setback with her weight has her hitting the gym hard while on a much needed respite at her moms home in Phoenix, Ariz. Here is Joans Facebook entry on November 29: “I just finished 29 mins. on what I call the “killer stairs.” I have gained 25 pounds in the 10 months on the road, have learned a lot of lessons, and now I am ready to remove them. Do you have a struggle you are fighting? Let me know if I can help. I will be here every day. And will also blog about this journey. But the one quality I have is GRIT. We all do. I am very proud of that.

Joan is inviting your comments and wants you to stand alongside her with your struggles, be it food or any other addiction. Please visit her on her Facebook page to leave a comment and follow her ride as she opens up about life on the road, the people she meets and the every day miracles shes experiencing along the way. You can also visit her website,, to learn more about her.

2 thoughts on Joans Journey: Struggling with Weight Gain While on the Road

  1. Joan’s road is one of courage and commitment. She’ll conquer this challenge just as she’s conquered many other formidable obstacles.

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