Genevieves column in American Iron magazine

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A Sample of Columns
January 2006: “What About The Womens Market” PDF

February 2006: “What Do Women Want” PDF

March 2006: “The Lone Female Rider”

April 2006: “The Value of a Compatible Riding Buddy” Download PDF

May 2006: “Courting The Woman Rider” Download PDF

June 2006: “Accomodating Your Female Passenger” Download PDF

July 2006: “Custom Motorcycles: Whats Out There For Me” Download PDF

August 2006: “Bigger Doesnt Mean Youre Better” Download PDF

September 2006: “Get Serious About Your Riding” Download PDF

October 2006: “Leader of the Pack” Download PDF

November 2006: “He Said, She Said” Download PDF

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