Fastest Growing Women’s Motorcycle Group Right Now

12 countries in six months! Find out what's fueling the growth of The Litas.

By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor

TheLitasare the latest female motorcycle group to rev their engines and make noise in the motorcycle community. By our estimates, The Litas are creating new chapters and acquiring members at a record rate, a pace never before seen in the history of women and motorcycling.

the fastest growing womens motorcycle group litas riding
Members of the Salt Lake City, Utah, chapter of The Litas ride in Big Cottonwood Canyon near Salt Lake City. (Photo by Jun Song)

This all-women motorcycle group, conceived last September by Salt Lake City, Utah, rider Jessica Haggett, has already expanded to 12 countries and 62 cities. TheLitas give this new generation of women riders an incredible worldwide network of support, empowering them both on and off their bikes.

“Women like the idea of having a network around the world, and locally so they have a team rooting for them on and off their bikes,” says Haggett. “It can be hard to find good friendships with other women and this just makes it so simple and fun.”

Haggatt credits the group’s Instagram and Facebook accounts for The Litas international growth that boasts more than 300,000 fans worldwide. “Social media has helped spread the word around the world. There’s no way we could have grown the way we have without that.”

fastest growing womens motorcycle group right now instagram
The Litas Instagram account has nearly 40,000 followers with each chapter having its own page.

TheLitascurrently have more than 1,100 female members and are showing no sign of slowing down. Curitiba, Brazil; Melbourne, Australia; Montreal, Canada; Paris, France; and Hawkes Bay, New Zealand are just a few of the most recent internationalLitasbranches.

The Litas’ tag line, “Raise Hell, Babes,” is what the group stands for says Haggett: raising hell by breaking social norms and creating a new culture of riders who stand for something bigger than themselves. Additionally, TheLitas are all-inclusive meaning any woman on any type of bike is encouraged to ride along and call herself a Lita.

“I want to change tradition and create something new and uplifting for women riders to be part of,” says Haggett. She has managed to do exactly that. “I’ve formed friendships that will last a lifetime and I know I would have missed out on those friendships if TheLitaswere ‘exclusive.’ Women have a responsibility to build each other up, and not put each other down.”

fastest growing womens motorcycle group right now litas jessica haggett
The Litas founder, Jessica Haggett, has been riding for six years and currently owns a 2001 Harley-Davidson Sportster Custom. She works for a tech startup as the operations manager. She says, “I’m very detail-oriented and love process so that is what has made it so easy for me to build up this network. Putting everything into place was really such a fun experience. I continue to learn and grow every day, though there has been so much learning from building The Litas.”

Haggett started The Litas as just a local branch with no intention of growing beyond that. “It was something where I saw the need here and kind of realized that the need was actually everywhere. And how fun would it be to have sisters to meet up with and swap stories with in our travels?”

fastest growing womens motorcycle group right now girl riders
Tandra Steiner, Kim Jacobsen, and Riley Ridd are three of about 60 women now in the founding chapter of The Litas in Salt Lake. (Photo by Jun Song)

A branch starts with three women who share TheLitas’ values and have a driving desire to impact their local motorcycle community. In just a few months, some branches have grown to more than 70 members.

fastest growing womens motorcycle group right now riding
The groups’ planned activities include going on rides, camping, meeting up for brunch, bars, and wrench nights, according to Haggett. “Once you’ve been riding together for a couple of seasons you form friendships and begin hanging out on a regular basis.”
fastest growing womens motorcycle group right now the litas logo

The Litas following on social media consists of both men and women who admire the rarity of women seeking two-wheeled adventures and empowering one another. “TheLitasare defying social expectations in this vastly male-driven community, all while giving fellow women riders a reliable network to reach out to and consider their tribe,” says Haggett.

Women riders interested in riding with TheLitasor starting a local branch should visit TheLitaswebsite at

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8 thoughts on Fastest Growing Women’s Motorcycle Group Right Now

  1. Proud to be a part of such an amazing group as the Litas. From the city of Long Beach and Santa Barbara Litas.I’ll be traveling to Australia next month for my birthday and just for being a Lita I already made friends with the Newcastle Litas who are setting up a ride for when I’m there.Viva Las Litas!

  2. I support all women riding groups as there are several. I’m a part of a chapter in Women in the Wind. Thirty-something years strong, we’ve been encouraging and supporting women riders when it wasn’t as easy as it is today for women to be a part of this mostly male culture. I’m proud of the history and heritage of our early women riders blazing a path through the mostly male world. I’ve heard stories of the abuse early women riders took from men who believe this isn’t for women. It’s definitely changing and it’s because of these women who braved the harassment that I can get on my bike knowing I’ve got sister riders who ride beside me, supporting me along the journey.Keep riding ladies. Keep coming together and supporting each other, on and off the bike. Ride safe.

  3. I’m a Long Beach Lita. I love my wind sisters, and love the Litas!

  4. All my life, if I wanted something, I had to make it happen for myself. Nothing was ever handed to me. When I decided to take that “I’ll do it myself” attitude and buy myself a motorcycle, I once again expected that I would be on my own. After taking the motorcycle safety course at the community college I was excited to get on my bike and ride. I promptly ended up in a ditch and was not able to get myself out. I had to depend upon the help of strangers to get back on the road. I was so angry and disappointed in myself I almost gave up my dream of owning and riding my own bike. And then I found The Litas. Suddenly I was surrounded by dozens of friendly and supportive women who genuinely wanted to build me up and help me succeed. The Litas truly have made me a stronger woman. Not only by honoring my independent nature, but also by teaching me that sometimes you actually gain strength by allowing others help you.

    1. We love that you learned this very important life lesson because of motorcycling!Very well put, Donna.Best wishes for a long lifetime of two-wheeled happiness.

  5. I’m ready! Come on girls—mount up and lets ride!

  6. I used to ride with a ladies group here called Ladies on Wheels. I enjoyed every moment of this experience for over four years. Today I ride with my husband and friends, however, this appears to interest me.

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