EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Great Turnout for First Biker Belles Ride

Inaugural women’s ride in Sturgis a success

About 100 female riders showed up to participate in the first Biker Belles ride, an all-women ride (men could ride in the back) taking place during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in August. WRN Editor Genevieve Schmitt participated in and covered the ride. Below is the video she shot and edited.

Thank you to the following corporate sponsors who made this first Biker Belles ride a success: the Buffalo Chip, Interstate Battery, Pepsi, Knology, Deadwood Chamber, and Bic 4 Good.

And a big thank you to these companies that donated items to the fashion show to raise additional money for the charities: Icon, Riders Wraps, Team Diva, Power Trip, and Victory.

Useful links to learn more about the Biker Belles ride and its two charities:

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16 thoughts on EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Great Turnout for First Biker Belles Ride

  1. Got got my bike today and plan to be a Biker Belle in 2013. Would be so proud to do this ride!

  2. I am so proud to say that I was one of the fortunate women who was able to ride in this charity event. My husband and I planned the trip to Sturgis for over a year. We rode 23 days total from Perry, Georgia, to Sturgis then home via Vegas and the Grand Canyon. More than 6,300 miles put on our bikes and some of the most breathtaking scenery in the U.S.A. will always be memories we will cherish, but the ride with the Biker Belles was truly the highlight of my once in a lifetime trip. Thanks to Meg, Laura, Woody and all of the other sisters and brothers that planned such a wonderful and unforgettable ride. I can’t imagine how I could ever work it out to attend this event in 2012 but I dream of riding with my sisters through the beautiful mountains just one more time. You have to go and support this charitable event. You go girls!

  3. Looked amazing. So glad you all shared. Some day I hope to be there with you. How empowering to be with such strong women.

  4. Awesome video and terrific event. Thanks for sharing! So proud of you all! Beautiful surroundings and what a great crowd.Wish I was there, but thanks for making us stay-at-homers feel a part of it.

  5. Totally enjoyed the video. Empowering watching diverse women come together. To gather 100 women for an inaugural event is impressive. Makes me want to join you next year!

  6. It was an empowering event. Paula, thank you for the compliment. Genevieve, thank you for the beautiful video. It was great fun bringing an amazing group of women riders together. I liked that we had women from the sportbike, as well as the cruiser and touring communities The motorcycles represented at the event, were as diverse as the women who were riding them. I learned a lot while organizing the event, which will help to make next year’s Biker Belles ride even better. Thanks to everyone who participated. Together we created a very cool event and helped local South Dakota charities. I can’t wait to ride again next year.

  7. OMG, that looked so cool. Gotta look out for it next year and plan to attend! Genevieve, love your bike!

    1. Actually, that’s Betsy’s motorcycle in the photo with me. Mine is somehow absent in this entire video. I’ll talk to the photographer :)Gotta fix that in the next video and get it in, cause I love my bike!

  8. Genevieve,What an awesome video! I loved seeing the real thing. Nice to see some sister Motor Maids too!Hope to make it there some day!

  9. Great video! I will be there next year so I plan on riding. You rock on!

  10. I was excited to see a video with the still pics incorporated into it.Wished I could have been there, looks like a lot of fun. Maybe next year.

  11. Wow! Nice to “see” so many women riders come together to support a good causes. Wish I could have been there. I totally enjoyed the video vs. just still pics.

    1. Thanks for letting us know you like the video. I’d love to hear from more readers if they prefer video over pics. We’re not actually doing away with the pictures here. We simply incorporated them into the video. If WRN readers want more video we’ll deliver.

  12. I was on the ride. It was so well organized, beautiful scenery and amazing motorcycle women. If you’re able to make it next year, do it! Thank you. It was a dream come true.

  13. Great video Genevieve. Looked like a great time. I was in Sturgis but didn’t know about this ride. Busy doing the pink thing I guess. Sorry I missed it.

    1. Those of us who had a hand in the ride plan to do a better job of getting the word out next year. We’re determined to make sure every woman rider attending the Sturgis rally knows about the Biker Belles ride.

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