Your Motorcycles: How to Submit Yours to WRN!

For many women, their motorcycle is an expression of their personality. The color, the accessories, the style—it all says something about the person riding it.

Women also love to see what other gals have done with their motorcycle and the “Your Motorcycles” section on Women Riders Now is the place to show off your motorcycle and you on it. No matter the style, make or model of bike, if its yours and your excited about what you did with it—whether a little or a lot—we want to see it!

Follow these guidelines for submission

1. Photo requirements:
Send us at least one clear color digital image of your motorcycle and you. Must be at least 800 pixels. If youre shy and dont want to include yourself thats OK, however we give preference over submissions that have photos that include the rider or riders in it.

The more photos are better so we have a few to pick from. If you’ve done some custom work, send us those detail photos and well include them as well.

2. Text requirements:

  • Include in the email your first and last name, and the city and state in which you reside.
  • Year, make and model of your motorcycle
  • Details on what exactly you did to your motorcycle if anything, including brand name of components, etc. if you have it.

Passengers welcome

We invite female passengers to send a photo of the motorcycle she co-pilots as well if she wants to show it off.

Send it to, and put Your Motorcycles in the subject line.

We will send you an email when your motorcycle is live on WRN!

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